Sunday, February 28, 2010

my To Do list can't handle much more

+ finish project 2: photo dominant, fusion piece, project report, font study- sort progress binder
+ start project 3: theater poster design sketches/research
+ drop off project flash drive @ JC print services either monday evening/tuesday morning
+ read books on batik/plant fibers/indigenous textiles
+ clean room
+ compose packing list
+ pack bags for San Francisco (!!!!)
+ pack snacks for plane ride
+ go through the trash and hopefully find my fork & spoon necklace
+ laundry
+ buy postcard stamps & write down everyone's address
+ compile playlists for cali
+ transfer viavina's Californian interlude songs/photos onto a flash drive for easy upload later
+ change camera strap to guitar strap for easier comfort
+ don't forget to bring The Hangover and Up!
+ charge all camera batteries
+ buy extra camera memory
+ decide which bag to use as a carry-on
+ read all the current Floating Lab emails. There are oh so many.
+ write down a cake recipe for saturday's picnic
+ go to Arlington to visit the Floridian and London aunties. 
+ write the artsbus feb honors response & send to selena before wednesday/thursday
+ I'm sure about twenty more things but I can't remember them currently

Side note, this list is for Monday and Tuesday only.
Wish me luck, mis amores.

summer boy surf eye candy

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

the winter list

things I like about winter: 
+ ice cream cones don't melt when you eat them outside.
+ that allover warm rush you get when you come inside from playing in the snow and drink something hot.
+ going to bed in long johns and three blankets.
+ scarves, hats,  and wool socks. 
+ not feeling guilty about lounging around and eating during blizzard times.
+ not feeling that bad about not leaving your house because, well, you can't.
+ soups, hot chocolate, and hot tea. all the time. 
+ you never run out of people to talk to because everyone is on gchat and aim. 
+ dressing your snowman like Charlie Chaplin. 
+ boredom winter naps. 
+ snow.

things i do not like about winter
+ coming inside and peeling the jeans off of your frozen legs.
+ ugly grimy snow mountains that take up half of the parking lots.
+ going outside in the snow, coming inside to wash your hands and having your fingers burn from the heat. 
+ shoveling your driveway and having it snow again the next morning. 
+ cabin fever.
+ that "oh, damn" moment when you realize that snow/slush/rain has seeped through your shoes and your socks are now wet. 
+ the entire hour after the "oh, damn" moment during which all you can think about is your wet socks. 
+ having to clear the snow from your car so your windshield doesn't crack. sorry, meekus. 
+ high electricity bills. 
+ snow.

photo: liz's dad courtesy of liz. 

Oh, say! Let us fly, dear. Where, kid? To the sky, dear.

[via gchat]
Me:  there's a new thing avt crew could do
        trapeze school in dc
Yathrib:  ah man you made me drop the grape outta my mouth. 
Mariam: omg one of my dreams is to be a Cirque du Soleil performer!

TSNY Washington DC (thanks to liz for this article)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

oh, artsbus.

0140: eff this, i am sleepy. will try to pack (or write list of what to pack) and then nap for a bit before I have to get up around 0330.
0145: fuck. can not find artsbus ticket.
0150: tear apart room.
0155: try to clean room after tearing it apart to organize room (and thoughts).
0200: hope that they are not adamant about having ticket in hand. come on, i signed up for the course.
0210: find folded ticket in my black pocket notebook. remember that i put it there for safekeeping. mentally sigh.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't worry, Beaker. I always loved you the best.

Happy Valentine's Day, guys.

I Love You More Than Applesauce
by Jack Prelutsky
I love you more than applesauce,
than peaches and a plum,
than chocolate hearts and cherry tarts
and berry bubblegum.
I love you more than lemonade
and seven-layer cakes,
then lollipops and candy drops
and thick vanilla shakes.
I love you more than marzipan,
than marmalade on toast,
oh I love pies of any size,
but I love YOU the most.

Foolishly Seeking True Love from Jarrett Lee Conaway on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Air New Zealand, why are you so cute?

Say hello to Cuddle Class!

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without it.

'cause I'm so gourmet that my caesar salads need a 401k or a higher salary.

Side note: everyone will be receiving their valentine's day cards late this year. Sorry. Hey, remember that time I paid extra for 3-day shipping and then there was a blizzard and packages were postponed anyway? fail. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and just because I want to see how many times I can post in one day,

I am excited for She&Him's Volume 2. 
Listen to "Thieves" here.

All chefs feel like this unless they're cocky bastards

Steph: I like watching the plow at my apt complex. It's the one w/ arms that lift snow. It's like watching wall-e.

Remember that were sleeping...and the ghost dragged you from bed..





What the hell IS that?

Oh look, the attic cover is leaking. Shit. Just what we need.

Get a chair. Stand on chair. Push aside the cover. No problem, guys. It's snow from the bathroom fan.

Pa: vina, if you see a photo in the attic- DON'T grab it.

I do love a good high speed chase.

me: Who do we know that has a snowmobile? Let's meet there and steal it.
Logan: Somebody in my neighborhood has one
           but he also has an STi so he could probably chase us in that.
           oh well,
           that'd make it more exciting!

photo via flickr

Potential Snomageddon Kikkoman photoshoot

Steph: I wish I lived in a house then I could wear my Kikkoman suit outside without feeling 100 people thinking I was weird.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

for aja and sofia

this video

side note, hbd 'fia! h(early)bd liz!

side side note, I'm thinking we should make a happy dance montage video. just sayin'. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow country for old men

“And if it's all a curse and we're just getting worse— 
baby, please don't lose your faith in the good earth.”
California English | Vampire Weekend

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Everybody (Backstreet's back)

Me: Pa and I are totally rocking out to Backstreet Boys.
Steph: Omg I did that once at work,
       my productivity was like sky high.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

If you want to sing out, sing out!

Pay no attention to the German annotation. Dedicated to the Gang Aft Agley.

Bates, you know this is you and me.
Shannon: (after a brief lull in the conversation) You know, say what you want about anime but they sure know how to draw the human figure.
me: .......(insert extreme snickering).

Friday, February 5, 2010

I WISH Tarantino would direct the Super Bowl

found on Spirit Animal

idioms? I think you mean idiots.

Guido #1, in thick Staten Island accent: Yo, yo bro, I found this thing on Word, it makes you sound smarter.
Guido #2 in same accent: No way, bro! What is it?
Guido #1: I don't know, it's this thing, you click it and it gives you all these words that make you sound smarter.
Guido #2: What's it called?
Guido #1: Sin... Sinono... Sino-somethin, but I swear to god, bro; it makes you sound smarter.

found on overheard in ny

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Good times, bad times. Happy sad times. The world is full of ups and downs. I just want you around." 
Don't Stop | Patrick and Eugene

Snow yet again? I only enjoy the snow when I don't have things to do and need to be out & about to do them. Boris the car doesn't play nice with snow. Side note, I really can't stop listening to that Patrick and Eugene song.

photo via flickr