Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pa: Why are they called the Oscars? And don't make up some bullshit! And don't blog this.

According to Wikipedia:
The root of the name Oscar is contested. One biography of Bette Davis claims that she named the Oscar after her first husband, band leader Harmon Oscar Nelson;  one of the earliest mentions in print of the term Oscar dates back to a Time magazine article about the 1934 6th Academy Awards and to Bette Davis's receipt of the award in 1936. Walt Disney is also quoted as thanking the Academy for his Oscar as early as 1932. Another claimed origin is that the Academy's Executive Secretary, Margaret Herrick, first saw the award in 1931 and made reference to the statuette's reminding her of her "Uncle Oscar" (a nickname for her cousin Oscar Pierce). Columnist Sidney Skolsky was present during Herrick's naming and seized the name in his byline, "Employees have affectionately dubbed their famous statuette 'Oscar'". The trophy was officially dubbed the "Oscar" in 1939 by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Another legend reports that the Norwegian-American Eleanor Lilleberg, executive secretary to Louis B. Mayer, saw the first statuette and exclaimed, "It looks like King Oscar II!". At the end of the day she asked, "What should we do with Oscar, put him in the vault?" and the name stuck.

Thanks to meeeeeeeeeee! Side note, kudos to Justin Timberlake for making a Banksy/art joke during the Academy Awards. You go, Justin Timberlake. You go!

Shrimp and True Grits

I love the movie-titled dishes for Bobo's Oscar Party menu

The forbidden dance

This was the JAM at Asian weddings in the early 90s (Ginnie and Natalie — you know, the weddings we never wanted to attend). I think I knew the Portuguese lyrics before I was ten years old.

*The original video was taken down so I had to replace it with "Kaoma 3000." Get out of my face, lambada. You are not Andre 3000.
jeans at the gym = unacceptable.

My dad is so cute.

You can't be angry at cookies!

Hello Tomorrow

pappardelle prawn pleasure

lemon pepper pappardelle from Trader Joe's
leftover roasted tomato sauce
shrimp I found in my freezer
fresh flat leaf parsley

Friday, February 25, 2011

me: I dreamt we were dancing at that bar we went to on Thanksgiving. Haha! The only times I see you dance is at bars (sometimes not even then), when you're drunk, or in my dreams.
Justin: Well.  I only dance when I'm drunk.  So that's partially true.
Meekus: (link to the dog photo)
me: awwwww. I was actually just posting a photo of a French bulldog
Meekus: wearelikethis
me: duh


sounds like: fog machine, gusty winds, Amanda Blank, Kid Cudi, War, Afrika Bambaataa, 80s music at Auld Shebeen for La's birthday, and the clip clop of my favorite boots on the pavement

tastes like: croissants with strawberry preserves, hot coffee, lemon pappardelle pasta, and whatever we serve at the Honors show closing.

feels like: one of those spring weather fake-me-outs, FRIDAY, bare legs, living room dancing, freshly laundered bed sheets, and wind in my hair.

smells like: narcissus flowers, lemon zest, and vanilla perfume.

Y'all know how I roll.

Pa: Do I have to dress up?
me: No.
Pa: Are you dressing up?
me: I always dress up.

I want to dance with Dave!

Look at that fancy footwork!
You see what I did there? Chromeo pun, heyyyy.

rachel draws | vain vina

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Jones!

[via text]
Ginnie:Kali Ma, Kali Ma Shakti dee
me: Oh num-shi-vye! Oh num-shi-vye!
Ginnie: Love us hahahah

G Train = Hipster Express

  1. At this moment, I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've gone on the NYC/Artsbus trip. The required amount is five, yes? Hell, it's at least double that. Oh, Honors. 
  2. Hitting up East of Eighth, Chelsea Market, and Cake & Shake is my new favorite Honors tradition.
  3. Alcohol before or during the ride home, genius. 
  4. They always play a mainstream movie before they sneak in an art house film. Duplicitous double-dealers (triple alliteration score!).
  5. The weird tagalong usually sports some garish headphones and a Mason sweatshirt.
  6. Skulls and fog are the new art trends. I like to think that Honors started the fog one. We didn't.
  7. I usually start to crash around three or four. Sadly, that's about the time we go to an artist's studio. A thousand apologies.
  8. Justin does not like to be touched when he is sleeping but he will lean in for some gossip. 
  9. Ashley P. does not have an indoor voice. We still love her.
  10. It was seventy degrees in DC on Friday. It was forty degrees with winds over 60 mph in Manhattan on Saturday. What. the. hell.

I'll have you know that I am entirely trustworthy!

Black hair, big head, paisley dress —  that could almost be me! Wait, skinny arms. Haha, nevermind! 

via fuckyeahyoga
Collin: Oh! #vina2011 is trending worldwide right now.
me: oh shit, I am famous.

J'adore les langues!

Live the Language campaign
Directed by Gustav Johansson | DOP: Niklas Johansson | Typography by Albin Holmqvist
via Black*Eiffel

food = the new indie rock?

The indie music scene finds ownership and means of production to be ethical issues, preferring small independent local operations to large corporations. Indie values include DIY aesthetics, simplicity, purity, an antipathy to the synthetic and manufactured, a desire for authenticity, a longing for the past...
These concerns are shared by new hip food obsessives who want to know how food is made, where it comes from, how far it travels and how much integrity it has.... If you are paying attention to food production and consumption isn't that similar to paying attention to how your music is made, who owns it, and how it is delivered to you?
 full article on treehugger

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hugh Jackman has a French bulldog named Peaches.
Every noun in that sentence is in my list of favorite things.

doggie booties!!!
me: Have you seen the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles?
Justin: vina! No! We get it! Aliens are bad! Lots of people die! Aaron Eckhart can't save you!

Oh, Thom Yorke

Sunday, February 20, 2011


My favorite Dolly Parton song performed by Norah Jones, Keith Urban, and Johnny Depp — oh,  I mean John Mayer.

Born this way

Justin: (singing random lyrics)
me: What song is that?
Justin: Lady Gaga's new song.
me: Oh, I don't know it.
Justin: Man! I hate it. I hate it so much that I had to buy it on iTunes. I hate it when I listen to it in my car.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

You can't disappoint a picture!!

Oh, the deer in headlights stare. Hilarious.
Full episode here

No sleep + Amazon Mp3 downloads = no bueno

[Albums and songs purchased from 2-4 AM] 
Timbaland & Magoo/Luv 2 Luv Ya
Justin Timberlake's Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds
Pras feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Mya/Ghetto Supastar (That is What You Are)
Aaliyah's self-titled album
Muddy Waters "Muddy 'Mississippi' Waters" Live
Langston Hughes's The Voice of Langston Hughes

Moral of the story? vina, the next time you decide to stay awake for a six AM bus ride to New York, don't cruise the internets trolling for old musics to add to your iTunes.

I know y'all love you some Ghetto Supastar. Don't lie.

It's ok when sisters laugh at your misfortune

Stephanie: Oh man, it was so hilarious. Raquel has been saying she wants to get new glasses. So last night she worked super late and I was downstairs finishing the macarons. And it was like, iunno, 11 pm and I hear her yelling from upstairs.
I was laughing so hard I could barely tape them.

It all started with the dream of a conversation between a robot and a girl in a field

me: I think we should get a robot and you can recreate that field photo. How cute would that be?
Steph: lol "SUCKITTTT, Twilight"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hangin' with da boyz


Ahna: It's my birthday, I don't give a FUCK!

Hey, remember that time we got hit on by a random physics major?
No, Harold (Errol?), we don't think your butt looks fat in those jeans.
Is this a social experiment (ah, classic)? No? Oh...
No, sorry. We don't give out our numbers.
Morgan, you mad?
Professor, do you still have your hard drive with all the fonts? I can haz?
Jonathan is your birthday buddyyyyyyyyy!
I GUESS I'll go to class.
Special ketchup holder, bear zygote and bear centipede.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sugar baby

It's a complicated story on how I came across this song tonight but I am blasting this song on the next warm winter day.
Bates: Whatchu doing? 
me: Oh, I'm blogging. 
Bates: When are you not blogging? I know this because all thirteen of your blogs are well updated.
me: HEY HEY. It is nine, thank you very much.

Go outside

It's going to be in the 60s today. You know what that means? Car windows down, blasting Smokey Robinson, no leggings, and having an extra spring in my step. Hah! Spring in my step. I like spring, even if it means springlike weather in February.

(Evil foodie laugh)

[mms of a burger]
Logan: Hate joo. Bring me a hamburger.
me: No. Bring me some cookies.
Logan: No. Bring me some food.
me: No. Do my project for me.
Logan: No. Bring me food.
me: No. Find your own food.
Logan: No. I have some, I just want more. Always sending me pictures of food and stuff.
me: You know how I roll.
[mms of bacon and eggs]
[mms of smoked salmon]
[mms of pizza from Cosi]
Logan: You are evil :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Libby Luff

me: Libby got a job at Mason!
me: Oh, I'm not sure but we're going to lunch date sometime
me: No, I want her all to myself.
me: Okayyyy you too.
Newdorf: YAY

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today I realized that I am that annoyingly cheerful person on Valentine's Day, wearing red and doling out candy hearts. This is me single too. Ah, I love the holidays.

Dresses = I get to twirl about like a ballerina

Video still from the Honors show installation. Color me excited.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Warm winter days

Steve McQueen, you so sexy.

I have two new playlists:

"I should make a new mix" and "All that lovey dovey shit"

I do like adventure and saying "darling"

You light my fire like crème brulée

I am going to post this song every Valentine's Day for the rest of my life. Speaking of, I should message the Burgos to see if he's still around doing the drama thing. Everyone needs a Burgos in their life.

You two are so cute, it makes me sick!

just kidding. Happy Valentine's Day!

This little piece of gum is a three-course dinner.

[Facebook status]
Travis: Today I had key lime pie flavored gum. It was creepy how much it tasted like a slice of key lime pie.... Rachel Semenov knows what I'm talking about!

[Facebook comment]
me: That is some Willy Wonka shit.
Travis: Dude...that's what we said! If I turn into a giant lemon, I'm going to count on you to roll me to the juicing room. Ya dig?
me: I got you, sonnnn.

Seriously, is it a chicken?

Steph: Have you ever seen Ponyo?
me: mmmm no
Steph: Um, it is so freaky. lol. Oh, those Japanese. I watched it with the boys today.
me: Yeah. I Google image searched. Already they look freaky, like wtf is this?
Steph: That's Ponyo. It's weird, she's like
me: is it a chicken?
Steph: a half human, half fish and then she has powers
me: What the hell is that voodoo.

Alarm bells are ringing, Willie.

me: If I don't text you in half an hour, you have to blow up my phone.
Meekus: Why?
me: I'm so tired but I have so much to do so I'm going to shut my eyes for a bit. I don't trust Pa to wake me since she's half asleep herself
Meekus: Alright, timer set
me: aaaaaaand go

Meekus: [10:54] AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Meekus: [10:57] HE KILLED YO PARENTS!
me: [10:59] five more min
me: [11:06] what the flip are you talking about, crazy
Meekus: [11:07] HIDE Yo KIDS HIDE YO WIFE

a. I learned that evening naps are not impossible.
b. G.I. Joe texts make no damn sense when you are sleepy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jandos: (picks up my Tennis magazine, flips through it) You play? I play ping pong. Less running.
I also enjoy saying "Fo' reals? Thas whatchu doin'?"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

and finally...

Pa: Packers won.
me: I don't care.

Super Bowl continued...

Pa: Oh, Packers are winning.
me: I don't care.
a. what I'm reading.
b. sandwiches are better on the diagonal.

About the Super Bowl...

me: Hey Pa, who's playing in the Super Bowl today?
Pa: The Packers and the Steelers.

[two minutes later]
me: so who do you want to win the Super Bowl?
Meekus: I don't give a fuck. Who's playing?
me: Packers and Steelers.
Meekus: Steelers. I like their uniforms better and they sound like they are from the wrong side of town.

In all honesty, I go to Super Bowl parties for the food. I know jack shit about le football américain.

Daniel Cloud

Daniel Cloud. 
Justin showed me.

Wait, not fin:

Show me the Justin!