Friday, June 29, 2012

printing decisions

I'm currently researching printing options. Holler if you have ideas. 

pros: I can specify paper and linen type. 
cons: expensive AND they charge you money to remove their logo from their book. rude.

pros: cheaper, more than half the amount that Blurb charges. I can print more books. Slightly bigger book size.
cons: I can't specify linen color. Paper is standard. 

my shiver tastes sour and my salt tastes sweet

Thursday, June 28, 2012

title options for this post: 
the next morning and the day before
how boys think and how girls think

because walking in on your parents does not sound like fun vacation times

me: How were the Florida keys?
Caleb: It was really nice, but it was a couples resort for sure.
me: oh how so?
Caleb: Everything was private and in pairs.
me: heheh remember that time you went to a couples retreat with your parents and brother?
Caleb: We rang the doorbell before entering the condo/room. EVERY TIME.

Friday, June 22, 2012

No wonder my family is half deaf

me: Sananikone family dinners: we don't converse, we shout.
Sofia: I married into a Colombian family. No one gets to finish a sentence.

(via text)
me: You should hang with my family sometime!
Sofia: I should! Although  I mostly sit quietly and admire the madness. On Christmas board games were thrown into the mix. I'm surprised everyone made it out alive.

I outlined my book.


je voudrais manger quelque chose

I don't really need a shirt that says “I would like to eat something” but that doesn't mean I don't want it.

via Urban Cricket

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No plates. No forks. No rules.

beignets with housemade strawberry jam. yep.

They so cray at Chasin' Tails
Thanks to Liz for introducing me to that place! 
Um, we didn't have a meal directly before dinner or anything.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

no, no, noooooooooooooo

:  I walked into the grocery store today
right when I step in
I was like

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once again finding our thrills on blueberry hill


Such a wonderful morning of blueberry and cherry picking at Hartland Orchard!

There's something so soothing about searching for ripe blueberries through rows and rows of blueberry bushes. Cherry picking is a bit more difficult because I'm short. We had a great system where I would  pull down the branch and Stephanie would pick the cherries. 

Teamwork, FTW. Next year we'll have robot arms and a stepladder. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stephanie:  yesterday I was on tumblr and a warning page popped up like, “we've detected suspicious activity on your account, please reset your password,” and then my whole life flashed before my eyes. I was like, “I didn't tell everyone I love them.”

Sananikone rhymes with ice cream cone

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Office of Sustainability ad in the Student Orientation Guide

They approved it and then two minutes later told me to nix the watering guy and the grass, womp womp.

so I changed it to this:

oh, you can see the Illustrator guide, womp womp.
I think I like it more than the top one!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ready, set, WALK


Racing for the cure with the AVT crew!
Props to Mariam (and probably Alex) for their time of 36 minutes! You go!
and props to Steph for this post's title because that's what she said when they blew the whistle.
Walked (ok, ran a little bit but that was only to find our friends or to avoid the rude anti-abortion protestors) like we meant it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

welcome to the good life

Thanks to Steph for this Friday song.
Doubly relevant since it's Yeezy's birthday.
Happy Friday, y'all.

grilled cheese existentialism

and the introductory paragraph for a paper I wrote about existentialism (but mainly about food):

I made a sandwich yesterday. At eight a.m., I slid a tray of apple wood-smoked bacon into the oven. I drank a glass of milk, leaned against the kitchen counter, and turned on the coffee pot. Ten minutes later, the kitchen was filled with the heady aromas of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon. I sliced and salted red potatoes and set them aside. When the bacon was crisp — not too crunchy, I prefer some chew to my bacon — I removed the strips of bacon from the tray, laid the potato slices in neat rows onto the rendered bacon fat, and slid the tray back into the oven. The air outside was pregnant with a spring storm and my current playlist  was playing upstairs. In a small blue bowl, I combined Greek yogurt, chopped chives, cracked black pepper, and some finely-minced garlic. Every few moments I would wave my hand over the pan that was heating on the stove, judging the heat that would radiate onto my palm. I sliced the bread — the crackle of crust being one of my favorite kitchen sounds — and generously buttered the slices. It was time for assembly: first a slice of cheddar cheese, then still-hot potato, cool Greek yogurt, the bacon, another slice of cheese, and, finally, the other slice of bread. Into the pan the sandwich went and I watched, judging the sandwich’s doneness not by the clock but by the goldenness of the bread, flipping once and watching longer. Once the sandwich was a golden brown and cheese was oozing from the sides, I slid the sandwich onto a plate. I paired the sandwich with BBQ kettle chips and a honey crisp hard apple cider; the cider’s acidity sharp on my tongue and cut right through the richness of cheese and bacon. It was all so decadently delicious. 

recipe via BS'in The Kitchen

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dolphins, croissants, and sunburns


This was the day that we drove to Delaware at three in the morning. We drove through a blanket of fog and I kept waiting for aliens or ghosts to appear in front of the car. A pod of dolphins swam by right when we stepped onto the beach. I didn't even know there were dolphins in Delaware. I fell asleep on an empty beach and woke up surrounded by hundreds of people. There were Bulgarian teenagers to our left and a family of drunken parents and Children of the Corn blonde children on our right. I was in the sun for twelve hours and got a small sunburn on my back, my first in over ten years. The French bakery with the cute boys and the buttery pastries happened to be closed that day. I brought three books, read one chapter of one of Anthony Bourdain's books, and promptly fell asleep. The beach umbrella was blue and you can now renew your parking via telephone. How thoughtful of them. Beach food is not vegetarian friendly. We ate dinner, actually our only legitimate meal of the day, at a place called Cilantro that featured fish tacos with a purple cabbage slaw and a waiter with a slight Spanish accent and long, dyed, and slightly curly hair. His name was Carlos but I like to think his drag name is Chi-Chi. 

Beach times equal fun times. Let's do it again. 

more photos on Flickr

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I can relate.

Jeong Hyun: Raquel, it doesn't even look like you slept in your bed last night. 
Raquel: What? Oh, I made it. 
Jeong Hyun: Oh, that's what that looks like? 

so many things, so little time

photos soon to be edited and posted: 
race for the cure.
semenovs + morgs.
mother's day picnic. (dang, way back when.)
tarte tatin recipe.
senior design show. (even further back!)

excited about: 
my senior book. Prepare for a lot of food posts. Oh wait, I made another tumblr for that: voracious vina
meeting Little Miss Ruby Sananikone. 
outdoor Andrew Bird show at the botanical gardens in RVA with one Stephanie T. 
You know, being done with book and, in turn, my BFA. Finally.
general beach summery picnic times that I can sneak in between work. 

photo via that one day we went to the zoo and I watched some prairie dogs nom on grass  for about ten minutes. Don't judge, they were chubby and adorable and I'm down with anyone who can eat so determinedly with twenty cameras in their face. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

That IS a tough one.

This is true to form with the conversations between me and her as well.
We've been talking about a hot dog night for at least three months.
I intend to collect.

comic via rachel draws

Friday, June 1, 2012

when I'm with you

Stephanie: Man, Best Coast is sold out.
me: Aw. I like their "When I'm With You" song.
Stephanie: Ironically I kind of wanted to go by myself too.

Side note, I don't know if I could hang with a Ronald McDonald looking mothertrucker all day at the beach. That's scary!