Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Josh: Oh, Glee. I've never had a show with a title that elicits the opposite reaction from me.

That's right, people! BE AN ARTIST.

[on studying for her GREs and and her communications major v. art minor]
me: I don't even know what communication majors do half the time.
Libby: It basically means you want to be an art major most of the time.


That's right, kama'aina! You roast that whole pig and hula for the haoles!

[via text, from Hawaii]
Stephanie: We are going to a luau tomorrow night. I hope I don't get depressed like when I go to the zoo or the dolphin shows.

(Side note, I know an unusually high amount of pidgin Hawaiian slang for a mainlander. Ah, I suppose it makes sense; my parents used to live on Molokai and I have plenty of family on Oahu.)

Monday, August 29, 2011

I propose that we go to floor and we slow dance.

After hanging out for a couple of hours

[via text]
me: Caleb and Trav are now FB bff.
Russian Rachel: I noticed! I don't know who initiated..
me: Probs Caleb because he is creepy like that.
Russian Rachel: I was going to say Travis because he's creepy like that!

me: (link to blog)
Caleb: Lol, yeah I started it. Bromance.

me: Caleb started it.
Russian Rachel: Yeah I just confirmed with Travis haaaaah

Caleb: Rachel is just jealous.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Not that I have time but I need to post about:

  • AVT sandwich party
  • Savannah/Charleston
  • Jersey/LBI
  • Christine and Brian's wedding shower
  • Various recipes: Caleb's Mom's baked oatmeal, that blueberry/apricot crisp, that one pork/mango thing
  • Halloween costumes for Helen Frederick
  • Richmond/Bon Iver (which was a full month ago but whatevs! No shame!)
  • The cafe that I want to have with Russian Rachel and Travis
  • Peach picking in Maryland
  • Not wanting summer to end but, oh hey it already has (in three days, anyway). 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let it be

Don't worry, I'm not in a funk or anything.
We listened to The Beatles in the car yesterday.
I like-a da Beatles.


[via text]
me: Oh god the asshole freshmen are walking around campus.
Russian Rachel: AGH already? vina, use your best "I'm a senior" swagger. Make them quiver with fear and awe.
me: oh gurl I never turn that off.

Look at that sky. Real life Italian Renaissance painting!

(photo from my telephono)

Millions of peaches, peaches for me!

me: Pa, would you like a peach? I picked them just yesterday!
Pa: No, I want something savory! (Hey, that's my line!)
me: Ok then. More peaches for me. That offer isn't going to last long.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I didn't feel the earthquake. I was walking to the gym and listening to the Muppets episode of The Nerdist podcast when Pa called to see if I was ok. Huh, that explains why that lady was running out of her house and yelling in Spanish. I just thought she was having some kind of domestic dispute. I'm slightly disappointed that I missed all the excitement. Glad everyone is ok! 

Sea horse, you make me laugh!
(despite misspelling argument, the left alignment, and that black stroke)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Papyrus is right up there with Comic Sans in the world of "Why do non-designers love these ugly fonts?"

me: There's a bagel place in Silver Spring following me on Twitter. I do not know why.
Russian Rachel: uhh..are their bagels good?
me: I don't know, I've never been.
Russian Rachel: Well, I guess their strategy is that now you know there is a bagel place in Silver Spring that you should check out. We should visit this place.
me: They use Papyrus for body text on their site.
Russian Rachel: NEVERMIND.

(If any of the Bagelry folk do happen to read this, please do not take offense at our extreme reaction to your font choice. I'm sure your bagels are tasty and, if I happen to be peckish and in the Silver Spring area, I will be sure to stop by and sample your chopped lox and cream cheese. Designers and their disdain of certain typefaces, it's deep and it's real.)


me: Did I tell that I'm teaching myself how to play the guitar? 
Russian Rachel: No! You didn't! Good for you!! When you learn, we should do songs together! Me on mandolin, you on guitar, both of us singing poorly. 
me: Yes! Hipsters would love us. We could play music while the coffee brews and the bagels bake (we decided last night that we need to open a restaurant together). We could rule the hipster world. 
Russian Rachel: Oh god this is a formula for instant landmark. 
me: Seriously. We should write a list and design an infographic about our plan for hipster foodie stardom. 
Russian Rachel: I just drooled a little. 

This could work. New life mission: recruit all artsy friends and open a restaurant/design studio that dabbles in music, gardening, fashion, and other things that we like doing. Oh man, and Steph's piano and macaron skills? They won't know what hit them. 

Look at this pretzel making, cute typography, cooking hotness.

the mall pretzels from rachelchew on Vimeo.

I want to try! I don't even care for mall pretzels.
(via text, after he made this sweet dancing gif of us dancing)
Collin: Finding a picture of you looking at the camera took the longest.

I'm racking up a nice little gif collection:
Dancing with Justin
Dancing with Meaghan

Who's next!?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey, it is a good song.

Michael: Who sings that Home song? 
me: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. You want it? 
Michael: Yes, please. 
me: I once gave that song to my friend Meekus and he was driving from Blacksburg and had forgotten music so he sang it to himself for four hours. 


Michael: (watching Season of the Witch) I think it would be cool to be a werewolf. I was watching Teen Wolf the other day.

Graphic design cattiness humors me.

Steph: and her teeth are PMS1235U.
Sarah: GOLD?!
Amie: She drinks a lot of Mountain Dew.

I didn't know I was required to make pancakes for everyone.

Pa: Michael's coming over for breakfast. Do you want to make pancakes?
me: No, dude! I've been making pancakes all week!
Pa: When?!
me: Well, not this week but I recently made pancakes for Justin and TJ.
Pa: You make pancakes for them and you can't make pancakes for Michael and me?


(five minutes later, once I discovered we had a parmesan garlic baguette)
Nevermind, I'm making savory French toast. Oh, it's on now.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tonight: Madonnarama with a thousand gay men at Town Danceboutique

This is going to be epic.

We are the Diddies of the Lao community.

[on wearing white to the last family dinner at the DC family house]
Gramma: (in Lao) vina. Is it Mother's Day?
me: No.
Gramma: Why do I have to wear white? This makes no sense. I do not like it.

Bagels and Russian Rachel. It's deep and it's real.

Russian Rachel: vina i am not even shitting you. look what i made. BAGELS.

Personal victory: causing vegetarians to crave meat.

[via text]
me: Do I want to make a a cumin/chili spice rubbed roast pork with mango salsa or a thyme/rosemary roast pork with some kind of stuffing situation?
Justin: Omg. Srsly?
me: I'm really hungry.
Justin: Yes, now so am I. And I don't even eat meat.

I ended up making the chili spice pan-roasted pork tournedos with raspberry/grape vinegar gastrique and mango salsa and carrots. I will mayhaps post the recipe tomorrow. 

If I can remember it. 

Look at that packing for the beach organization hotness.

That shit never looks the same when it's time to go home. 

Emily Flores knows what's up.

Emily: It would make me unbelievably happy if one of your future jobs is as a professional blogger. You deserve the monies.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey hey hey, Caleb Prevatte! Sketch White Castle trip aside, I have only fond memories of New Jersey.

[via text]
Caleb: I was just seeing how you is? I haven't talked to you in awhile and we have many adventures to partake.
me: I like adventures. I was in Jersey until yesterday.
Caleb: I feel bad for you. I'm glad you made it out alive.

I see how it is, Heidi.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dunes and Dudes

Meekus: You want to see my mom's favorite part of the beach? 
me: Yes. 
Meekus: It overlooks all of these dunes - 
me: Wait, what?
Meekus: Dunes. 
me: OH. I thought you said "dudes." I was going to say that your mom just became ten shades more interesting to me. 
Bates: I saw one of your twitpics and thought, "You know a meal is fancy when you don't understand at least two of the words."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sexy Savannah spirits

[on my upcoming trip to Savannah]
Steph: Tell me if you see ghosts. I hear there are a lot of peaches and porn stores.
me: I do love peaches and alliteration so now it is my mission to take a photo of a porn store so I can blog that as a title.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I see what you did there, Shannon Bates.


me: I can't believe you're talking to someone who barely speaks English.
Justin: vina. I speak the language of love and talk with my body. Love knows no bounds.

Who knew birds with arms could be so entertaining?

"Staring Out The Window" - Fulton Lights from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

Pretty much.

Although August tends to be busy. It's like the universe is saying "Summer's ending! QUICK! Let's do as many fun things as we can!! Sleep? PSH NO!"