Monday, March 28, 2011

Unnecessary blogging about being sick

  • All I want is comfort food. Soups, mashed vegetables, anything hot. If you're looking for something fresh and healthy, keep on truckin'. 
  • I toe the line between sleeping for sixteen hours and delusions of productivity. "I may be at home but I can definitely get this, this, and this done. After I nap."
  • I tend to sporadically moan and groan. Walking up the stairs. Groan. Toothpaste cap won't twist right? Groan. You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry moans in bed for no reason? Bingo.
  • As luck would have it, I only get sick once or twice a year and always during a deadline week. Hello, panic. You don't want to be near me when that happens.
  • I look confused all the time. Blame it on the Nyquil, Dayquil, Mucinex, and Theraflu fog.
  • What's that wheezing/whistling noise? Oh, that's me trying to breathe through my nose. 
  • I start craving random food that involves more than twenty minutes of cooking time. Creamy polenta with braised oxtail sounds good. Chocolate chip cookies sound good. Hot and crusty Italian bread with runny brie sounds good (which doesn't actually require cooking but then I have to get dressed and go to the market. Nah, son. Too much work.). 

  • Update: Fuck it. Going out for bread, cheese, and the Ready to Bake Tollhouse cookies.

Oh, you know. Food.


Like Artsbus but DC


My Name is Chuck

by David Schwen

Bishop Allen. Oh, I mean Lamont Bishop.

Lamont Bishop Gallery
Adam Lister Gallery
Stairs at Hemphill
LongView Gallery
LongView Gallery. Great space. I want to live there.
    Scoping out DC galleries for re:collective (the new art collective that stems from Honors, heyyy).

Friday, March 25, 2011

[via text]
Bates: The song you have for today isn't happy. I'm slightly weirded out by this. First I see you in sweatpants. Then you post sad music. Did I miss something? Like the part where you switched with an alien? It wasn't even a little sad and then happy. It was pure angst.

For the record, I heard it in an episode of House. The one with the bullfighter and all the Vicodin. 
Oh look! Another thing I definitely don't need but kind of want.
Bates: Can you make a tumblr called visav btw? Like vis-à-vis. But not. Because you're V. You get it. 
me: If I make a visav(ina) tumblr then the tall one will think it's about him. Yeah, no. 
Bates: I forgot all about that. I'm a little disappointed. 
[via text]
Boek: waddup?
me: not much, waddup with you?
Boek: Getting ready for some fancy dranks.
me: Are you wearing fancy pants? Not fancy if you rollin' in jeans, son.
Boek: Okay, I guess I'm just having regular dranks then.

Dad: (hands Mom some red roses) Here. I bought these for you. Happy Valentine's day. I mean, happy new year's. I mean, happy anniversary.

Happy 31st anniversary to my super cute parents.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So angry! These are supposed to be happy times!

[via text] 
me: Remember that time we got accepted into the BFA program? 
Caleb: Haha! Yes!! We should celebrate. 
me: Totally. 
Caleb: This weekend, tell Logan and Rachel, attendance is mandatory. I will stab a motherfucker if they are absent.
[texting at the mall, waiting for Pa]
me: Oh no. There is a guy who is bald on top but still manages to have shoulder length hair. 
Russian Rachel: !! ACK
me: I don't understand why he doesn't just shave it all off. 
Russian Rachel: yeah, "managing" to have shoulder length hair is equivalent to "not allowed" to have shoulder length hair. 
[Tuesday. Hip hop culture starts at 1030]
me: (1045) Peter Lee, where you is.
Peter Lee: extended spring break homie
me: mmhmm.

[Thursday. Hip hop culture starts at 1030]
Peter Lee: (1042) Where u at man
me: delayed extended spring break homie
Peter Lee: Mmmmmhmmmm
me: Hey! Ju can do, I can't do? Not fair!
Peter Lee: Hey I didn't say that, I just said mmhmm
me: mmhmm.


Russian Rachel and Caleb, congratulations to you too!!!!!

Oh no.

Pa: If I put you on an online dating site, will you get mad?
me: uh, yeah.
Pa: You ain't gots to know.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a glorious feelin'

"Do not blog this, vina!"

me: Why do white people like skinny dipping so much? 
Justin: I don't know! I hate skinny dipping!
me: Have you ever been?
Justin: No! I don't want to get eaten by sharks! Or sea monsters! Because you always go skinny dipping at night and I don't like it when you can't see through the water. That's some scary shit right there. My friend used to live on a lake and we would go swimming at night and the seaweed would touch your feet!
me: It's not seaweed if you're in a lake. 
Justin: Whatever! The weed that grows in the water! Green and slimy! That does not feel good. I no like!
Libby: Ok, I am seriously going to pick out a concert and we are going to go together. And afterward get pie. You do not have a choice in this matter.
me: Ok, cool. I like pie. And music. And Libby. And fun photos that I get to post on the internets in a "Haha, I went here and ate this and you didn't" kind of way.
Libby: All. Those. Things.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collin: The Arcade Fire won a what?

Fiddy Moon

me: oh no, not the toe names.
Collin: And amazingly the kid didn't go insane.
me: I actually think Dweezil is the most normal of the names.
Collin: That's true. Although Moon is probably common among hippies.
me: Yes. But they added Unit to the end. That's hippie gangster. G Moon. Fiddy Moon.
Collin: "I'm gonna bust a flower into that gat, yo."

So nice.

So great.

I like oatmeal.

- multigrain hot cereal (rolled oats, barley, wheat, flaxseed, quinoa, and rye)
- fresh strawberries
- a handful of California trail mix (dried cranberries, pistachios, and raisins)

Monday, March 21, 2011

me: I am oddly sleepy. It is but 11:30.
Lisa: Go to sleep!
me: I just have to update some of my blogs. Don't you roll your eyes at me.
Lisa: It's sad when I don't even have to say anything and you already know.
Meekus: I always find it funny when people I know on Facebook click porn ads and then it posts on their profile.
me: Oh no. Good job airing your dirty laundry.
Meekus: looks like he noticed and deleted it.
me: At least he's on top of things, no pun intended.
[Harris Teeter]
Joe: (sees a bottle of Ranch) I'm gonna get a big bottle of Ranch for your sister. 
Pa: She likes you. Please don't screw that up.

If you didn't know by now, I hate Ranch dressing. Hate in all sense of the word. Abhor. Despise. Disgust. Smells of sour milk. GROSS.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sohe: He said he was going to learn Bieber and you know that's my guilty pleasure.
me: When a grown ass man tells you that he's trying to learn Bieber on the guitar, that's when you stop talking to said grown ass man. 
Sohe: lol nooo. I love Bieb. 
me: oh, gurl.


8:40 PM: just showered, sitting at my desk in a towel, cruising the Tumblrsphere and enjoying Noah and the Whale's new album.
8:45 PM: Suddenly realize "OH SHIT I HAVE REDBOX MOVIES DUE AT 9"
8:46 PM: Run to room. Sweatpants! Bra? No time! Tank top! Hoodie! Glasses! GRAB THE MOVIES!
8:47 PM: Hop in car. Drive. Maintain fast but still legal speed. Red light? Damn!
8:52 PM: Run into Giant. Return movies.
8:53 PM: Walk back to my car like a motherfucking gangster.

All this to avoid two dollars of late fees.

What You Know

I like the one with the glasses.


Steph S.: (pointing to Tony the Tiger on coffee mug) What's this, Max?
Max: Toh!
Steph S.: Tiger. What do tigers say?
Max: RAWR!

Crispy tofu and Thai iced tea with the Honors crew

St. Patty's in an IHOP with the drunken Warrenton boys

Kenny: I keep smelling ramen!
Eric: (spits beer) I mean, I wasn't going to say it.

Eric: We thought he was getting guns. He was just getting beer. Silly us.

(repeated line about Tammi/Tammy/that drunk girl)
Brie/Brianna/I don't remember: Don't worry, she's a very nice girl. 

(after a brief lull in the conversation)
Eric: I am so excited for my eggs. 

me: Austin, you want to go halfsies with me on my food?
Austin: No, I'm good, thanks. 
me: You sure? I'm not going to eat it all. 
Austin: Ok, I'll take some bacon. I knew I liked you, now I know why. 

Eric: (phone notification) Ah, this one bitch keeps texting me.
me: Call her your girlfriend like a normal person!
Eric: This way I seem more interesting.

Everyone at the table at one given point: Thank you so much for dealing with us. Don't worry, we tip well. 
The waitress: Pfft, y'all are fine. Someone tried to tip me in weed earlier. 

Joey: (referring to me during some rough and rowdy times) Look at her. She is so uncomfortable right now. 
Austin: I know. See! This is what happens! We try to bring a nice person into the group and then we never see them again. 

(after I called them out on something)
Kenny: What the hell? You notice and remember everything! (I totally do. Hello, two days later and I've got half the conversations down. Skills, son.)

What's the plan, Phil?!

Forbidden bicycles, sunsets, and cold cold water


Saturday, March 19, 2011

me: Ok, I'll see you soon.
La: Do you need anything? I'm going to Ace Hardware.
me:, I'm good.
me: Man, I love that Justin has a phone again.
Pa: vina. You say it, like, every day.
me: I know. That's how much I love it.
Oura: Excited to hang out!
me: Me too! Dad's gon' grill da meats.
Oura: I heart meats.

I can dream about you

Now you can have it stuck in your head too. You're welcome.

Friday, March 18, 2011

me: I thought of a new drinking game. You take a drink whenever someone says "marine" in Battle: Los Angeles.
Meekus: Shit. You'd be smashed.

Who needs Punxsutawney Phil when you have StephieBoogaloo?

Fuck it

If my cousin Eliot ever has children.

Lisa: What would you do if that was your kid?
me: Laugh. Record it. Get mad at my husband. Not take my kid anywhere for awhile.
Lisa: I'd take my kid out and show everyone then say "no more saying that!"

In the air tonight

This song will forever remind me of this scene of the Hangover.

Nightcrawlers and pho

full Flickr set

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damn, Pa.

Hearty 7 AM breakfasts = 9 AM naps

[via email, 9:16 AM]

Sohe: Good morning vina! I just read your blog so I know you should be awake, until.. about 1030 maybe and you'll take a nap. LOL

(via email, 11:37 AM reply)
me: know me so well. I JUST WOKE UP


I mean, sure, we spent the next half hour debating between Cracker Barrel, IHOP, and or just buying the bacon. 

Pa: I want hash browns too! 
Me: We can buy the hashbrowns, Pa. 

Me: Oooh! How about we make breakfast at home and then go out for lunch? 
Pa: What are we going to have for lunch? I'm about to be like "fuck it" and go back to sleep.
Me: No! I already brushed my teeth and got dressed! 

Pa: If we see a movie before noon, then it's cheaper. 
Me: Well, what are we going to see? 
Pa: Hall Pass? Rango? 
Me: Meh. I haven't decided if I want to see that yet. I mean, it's a gecko wandering around the desert. 
Pa: So? I like Johnny Depp.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Eliot: Where does Pa work now?
me: Victoria's Secret.
Eliot. Wow. Don't tell me that. That legitimately makes me uncomfortable.

me: Do we have anything to nibble on? I'm so damn hungry.
Eliot: I'm so damn hungry. I've been eating Vegemite. You want some Vegemite? You've never had Vegemite? You don't want any Vegemite.

(with two year old cousin Maela in the room)
Eliot: Fuck! Did you hear what I said, Maela? Fuck! Can you say that? Fuck!
me: ELIOT!!!!

(watching the third mummy movie. You know, the one with Maria Bello. Mummy of suck)
Eliot: Ah, Michelle Yeoh is totally crouching your tiger. I used to be able to turn into a dragon monkey but I got bored of it.

(on the little cousins' McDonalds dinner)
Eliot: Maela. Treasure that McDonalds cheeseburger because you can't eat that shit when you're older.
(ten minutes later he steals it off her highchair)

(tasting the avocado/crabmeat)
Eliot: It tastes like you're riding a unicorn down a rainbow and drinking from a  goblet of the laughter of children.

Oh my god, say you're ok.

Ali: You missed out on a delicious crocker fish dinner.
Ali: Cunt, I'm talking here.
Ali: There better be a good reason why I'm being ignored here.
Ali: Motherfucker, I'll kill you.
Ali: I'll fucking murder you, you dirty half breed.
Ali: I'll cut you open and eat your innards.
Ali: Answer me!!!!!
Ali: That's it motherfucker, I'm ending our friendship.
Ali: Your as good as dohmann to me, you hear me? DOHMANN!
Ali: I hate you.
Ali: I'm glad you didn't write back
Ali: I never want to hear from you again
Ali: ...Chris?
Ali: You ok?
Ali: You hear me?!
Ali: Oh my god, say you're ok.

Boek: You're fucking insane.
Boek: Fuck off.

Ali: Sorry, just saying.
Ali: It was a good dinner.

Boek: I was fucking sleeping. Dreaming I was willingly getting raped by 20 mermaids. You're a cunt.

Ali: Good thing I woke you.
Ali: Let's go to West Virginia.
Ali: Me n u.
Ali: I'll drive.

Boek: As long as we bring a shotgun and a shovel and I come back alone.

Ali: Deal! It's a date
Ali: What time do I get ya?

Boek: 10,000 years from now. For the love of Christ, please go away.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Soul Train for your Saturday

Blog Doppelgänger!

Justin: I feel like my friend Christy is the black version of you. 
me: That is awesome. Now you can collect us all!
Justin: Aww! Like Care Bears!

Are you lost?

me: How was last night? (Madonna/Kylie/Gaga night at 9:30 Club)
Justin: Lots of straight guys which I was surprised about.  They looked confused. 

Olmec, lower your gate!

me: Shut the fuck up, is that really you on Legends of the Hidden Temple?
Boek: Totes McGoats. 
me: Dude. You're my new hero. 
Boek: I should have gone second. Partner lost her shit when it was her turn to step up to the plate. 
me: Calm down, man. 

me: Sofia, dahling. I have the best news. You know our friend Chris Boek? He was once on a Nickelodeon tv show. 
Sofia: Obviously. Everything is falling into place now. That just makes total sense to me. Is there video proof? If so, I need to see it.

me: (send link to Justin)
Justin: Oh no. He looks so pissed at the end too.

Only promise me a battle, battle for your soul and mine

me: (send song to Thomas Stanley)
Thomas Stanley:  Oh cool, This is tragic Gil. After he had smoked a whole bunch of crack and stuff. Inspiring and well-performed if a touch gloomy. I will use it on an upcoming show.

"A wilderness of heartbreak and a desert of despair..."
Only on my worst days.

Many thanks. Enjoy your life. It seems pretty cool from out here.

and this is why Thomas Stanley is one of my favorite professors of the School of Art.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

These are the things that amuse us.

me: Justin, what does Ash Wednesday mean?
Justin: I don't know, crazy? Walking around all day with shit on your face?

(two minutes later)
Justin: I'm just saying, if I were God, I would not be that concerned with putting ash on your face as a sign of devotion. I think I would be more concerned about bigger things. Stupid.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fishy, why are you sleeping?!

Justin sleeping as we crossed the bridge

Justin sleeping somewhere in Delaware
Justin sleeping right before we arrived in New York
He may kill me for blogging these photos but, in all fairness, he saw all these photos on my phone and camera.