Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justin: I have no idea why, but this reminded me of you.
me: Am I THAT happy around food? Awwwwww.
Justin: Kinda, you are . . . "oh sandwich, I love you!"
           Then you hug it.  
2:40 PM: Check my phone. Oh, a missed call from La from 2:30! I wonder why she's calling me from work. I hope everything is ok.

shortly after:
La: Hello?
me: You rang?
La: Yes, I got off work two hours early so I could watch Eclipse. Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up.

You can't see it but I just closed my eyes and chuckled a little bit.

Sananikones and sport

[via text]
me: No game today. It's like I don't know what to do with my day.
Gna: Me neither. WC is like crack.
Federer is out (to a Czech!). Le sad.

I think I'm going to bake a lemon tart today. It's a lovely day outside, kids. Enjoy it.
Meekus: ZOMG first day in 3 weeks no game is scheduled. What will I do!?

me: game?!
Meekus: No game!
me: awwwwwwwhhhhh.

me: what will I watch at 10 and 2? What will I watch at the gym!? FIFA, how you gon' cold turkey me like that?

Shuffle out of bedroom. Turn on ESPN. Long baleful glances. Turn on ESPN2. Wimbledon! Djokovic, yay! Federer, yay! Wait, they don't have ESPN2 at the gym. Shoot.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Rachel N.: I saw this girl who looked like you the other day but she was angry and so in my head I called her Angry Vina.

What would an octopus with a monocle on a high wheel bicycle say?

Justin: I don't know but it would probably be in an English accent.

Sofia: What the fuck am I doing here? Maybe it should wear a vest and join a steam punk band.

Pa: ?
me: No, I'm not setting up a joke. I'm legitimately asking.

Meeks: Good day.

Bates: Nothing. Octopi don't ride bicycles.

Rachel S.: like hell you're not setting up a joke!
me: I'm doing a print!
Rachel S.: I suppose a dapper cephalopod on his morning ride?

Rachel N.: Hahahah! I have no idea. I am stumped.
me: haha ok thanks.
Rachel N.: You don't have an answer for me? Man, I'm going to think of this all night now.

Richard: I wish I had thumbs.

me: What the hell does one do with a ball peen hammer?
Liz: I don't know, peen stuff?

I love Maela!

Maela at Skaket Beach
Originally uploaded by Kai & Maela

Lettuce rest, I'm beet.

+ Cinnamon swirls from Cenan's Bakery
+ 40% sales at Cox Farms!
+ Flower names like “Wandering Jew” and “Party Time” that give me the chuckles
+ Afternoon naps while Daria is on the telly
+ Burrata and arugula. YUM.
+ Korean vanilla popsicles
+ Spending thyme with Steph and other garden puns.

This is an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, I know it!

In Chincoteague, I ended up having to sleep in a room by myself with two twin beds. Strike one.

The owner of the house, though she does not live there regularly, uses that room as a guestroom for her grandchildren. The room has a little wicker rocking chair and a collection of toys including a porcelain doll whose eyes can open and close. Strike two.

You see that door next to the bed? That is either a locked closet or a locked door to the attic. That is a big strike three, my friends.

I'm fairly superstitious and I scare easily. Imagine, if you will, trying to sleep at two in the morning with visions of ghost children and slowly-turning doorknobs, not to mention the fear of turning over and seeing someone in the bed next to mine (it's ok, I piled all of my luggage on the bed beforehand).

Add to that a friend whose comforts you by suggesting you sprinkle baby powder on the floor. Jerk!

As a cherry to this supernatural sundae, my bed was shaking as I fell asleep. I worried about this when I woke up until Liz reminded me that the bed lies directly over the ceiling fan to the living room. Ok. 

It's pretty sad when you seriously consider going down the hall to sleep with your friend because you're scared of ghosts. I'm just saying.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


+ I discovered that watching the World Cup is conducive to a longer elliptical session. Score!! (just like Uruguay against Mexico ZINGGGGG!!)
+ I was not screenprinting productive at all unless you count checking to see which of my screens were clean.
+ Bought a box of rigatoni for tomorrow night's dinner.
+ Ate an entire (well, most of a) canister of onion blossom Pringles for dinner. Shame and self-loathing.
+ Stole, uh, liberated a bicycle that had been sitting around for a few months. We saved it from going to rust heaven, ok?!
+ “Hey, wanna go to Chincoteague?” “Yes, but I have to be back before Friday.” “Ok.” So that is where I'll be. Justin, :( Rehoboth trip soon, yeah? Don't date crazy Asians. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You've got me wrapped around your little finger

I wasn't too too (yes, I said it twice) fond of this movie when I first watched it.
I like the style, the pedophilia and lying not so much.
Good song for a summer evening.
Girl: It's the one thing my father taught me: always be faster than your slowest friend.
Guy: Was your father a gazelle?

via Overheard in New York

Monday, June 21, 2010

via (fuck yeah) slightly amusing
Yathrib Right now I'm doing boot camp and softball. Once those end I'm gonna switch over to biking and tennis.
me: Cool. I'm down to doing those with you. We should go swimming sometime.
Yathrib: aah man I'm such a girl when it comes to swimming like nooo I don't wanna mess up my haiiirrrr. Whine whine yadda yadda.
me: Get a swim cap!
Yathrib: My siblings would clown on me for sure if I tried to wear that thing on my head. Joe would probably roll over laughing. Even Phia would start cracking jokes.


 via urban greenery via flickr

Finding our thrills on blueberry hill

Pa is one step closer to 20

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mushaboom mushroom pizza

- whole wheat dough from Wegmans
- ricotta cheese mixed with olive oil, salt, dried oregano, red chili flakes & pepper
- sautéed mushrooms (butter! garlic!)
- caramelized onions
- mozzarella cheese
- fresh basil and oregano
- cracked black pepper/kosher salt
- olive oil

I'm going to assume you know basic pizza construction.
You're on your own, kids. I must be the laziest recipe writer ever.

Ok, ok, ok. I baked it at 375° for twenty minutes (middle rack of the oven) and finished it under the broiler (set at high) until the cheese was bubbling and starting to brown.

Friendly animals AND one of my favorite summer songs

Stephanie: I think the only thing that I actually liked about the New Moon movie were the werewolves. Man, I love dogs soooo much.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I want accomplished sooner rather than later

+ Oil change.
+ Clean the interior of my car. Vacuum out all the sand.
+ Rid my closet of old and seasonal clothes. Did I really need six different red sweaters (yes.).
+ Bicycle maintenance. Return Liz's bicycle pump.
+ Clean refrigerator.
+ Make mix cd for Lindsay H.
+ Decide what to make with the cherries I'm going to pick on Saturday.
+ Laundry. Fold whites. Wash colors.
+ Try that tomato/ricotta pasta recipe.
+ Blog the recipes of my latest food triumphs (and the “grillin' in the rain” fiasco).
+ Delete old emails.
+ Weed the gardens, home and SoA Green.
+ Take photos of SoA Green's newly-planted sunflowers.
+ Finalize web/print flyers for FLC.
+ Put fresh flowers in as many rooms in the house as I can manage.
+ Upload and edit photos from Pa's birthday.
+ Watch Invictus and Youth in Revolt. Maybe I can do that while I clean my closet! Oooh, multitasking. 
+ Sleep before one AM, lately a rare occurrence.

How 'bout we just watch Law & Order?

We rented two movies tonight, Invictus and Youth in Revolt. The family settled down to watch. We started with Invictus. Rugby, Morgan Freeman as Mandela, AND South Africans? Sold. Five minutes in, Pa and I realized that my parents' normally long attention spans weren't going to hold out so we switched to Youth in Revolt. Hey, a Michael Cera indie comedy, how bad could it be? The credits had not even started when we heard heavy breathing and magazine page flipping. Awkward.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup match between South Africa and Uruguay, ESPN commentators were talking about the controversy over vuvuzelas ( South African stadium horns).  

Said one reporter to the other:  “I have 5 children at home, so I find the vuvuzelas quite relaxing.”

via Shit My Kids Ruined

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pa: Andrew found out that his new roommate is a total nerd.
me: hahah, really?
Pa: Yeah, he went to his Facebook and the kid had like ten photos of him holding a sword. Andrew said “If there was another word for square, it would be him.”
happy 19th birthday to the best sister ever. 
love you. 

why you put them rats in my locker, man? 
I don't even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a gun rack? 
Gopher, Everett? 
Root beer?! Root beer?!
He'll keep calling me, he'll keep calling me until I come over. He'll make me feel guilty. This is uh... This is ridiculous, ok I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go. What - I'LL GO. Shit. 
Start at the beginning and when you get to the end- stop. 
My lucky rat's tail!!
What'd you do?!?!

oh, and that gibberish the pill bugs say when they're playing with the bad bug's antennae. 

you know. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup eye candy

The little guy is my favorite

I didn't think it was possible for me to love this song any more than I already did.
I was wrong.

Side note, I came home at 4 AM. Overslept my alarm by about two hours. Now I have to get ready to go back to the studio. Ah, design life. 

What piques our Hulu interest at 2:30 AM in the studio

Mothra Pa probably won't watch that. 
Pot Zombies "Radioactive weed turns people into zombies with the munchies for human flesh!"
The Littles They're little!
Guest House Paradiso "Good grief, we are British, you know. We invented cold showers to stop people masturbating. Oh, I see, maybe that's why you are so upset about the lack of hot water."

Daniele De Rossi, why you so funny?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Liz: Man, I love NPR!
Richard: Why don't you marry it?
Liz: I would if I could and if it were legal.

via steph

Strawberries to cherries

me:  hey steph, remember when we went fruit-picking two weekends in a row?
Stephanie:  hey vina, remember when we went fruit-picking five weekends in a row?
Leftover vanilla whipped cream and strawberries + more vanilla + cinnamon + 2 beaten eggs + whole grain bread = crazy decadent french toast. crazy (messy) decadent french toast. No photo.
I need to work on making a prettier version of this breakfast. Maybe challah bread! Challahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Side note, never take a break to check your email when you are an hour and a half into clearing out old and seasonal clothes out of your closet. You will definitely lose momentum as you upload parfait photos and blog about seersucker bicyclists.
I'm just sayin'.

Oh so sad that I missed Dandies and Quaintrelles!

The Seersucker Social from Eric Brewer on Vimeo.

Dandies and Quaintrelles
DCist covers The Seersucker Social

Aja, I really thought for a second that that was you in the middle photo.

I want a claw-footed couch!!

via handmaker of things. mainly via stephanie.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bird, why you so stylish?

via steph. duh.
Alex: Man, idk what's good for tonight.
me: Psh, I don't know how you roll.
        I'm cleaning out my closet, like Eminem.

When we go to Portland,

Bored babysitter: Suzie, if Jimmy kicked you in the head, would you cry?
Suzie, slowly: Yes.
Bored babysitter: Then why did you kick him in the head?
Suzie: Because I want him to cry.
Bored babysitter: Fair enough.

via Overheard in New York

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Germany v. Australia, second half

3:35: Haha, Lahm means dance in Lao.

3:38 [via text]
Meekus: It's all about Podolski #10 anyways! I want to be his friend.
me: Why's his shirt so damn tight?
Meekus: He should be naked.
me: I know, right.

3:40 Damn, Australia. Any chance to call a foul, eh?

3:44 Oh snap. That was kind of intense. So close for Germany.

3:47 That long-haired ref could be a villain from a Miami Vice/Desperado situation.

3:49 Schweinsteiger just mean-mugged the hell out of Valeri for tripping him.

3:50 Australia's goalie is on point.

3:53. Nevermind. Germany scores a goal!

3:56 AHHHHHH Cacau scores! Aww so happy. Influx of raucous laughing texts from the Meeks.

3:57 Phoebe is calling me. Ignore. Sorry, Pheebs.

3:58 Pheebs is calling me again! Ignore. Send a text saying I'll call her back later.

3:59 It must suck to be that guy holding up that sign the entire time.

4:00 Jedinak, your hair flows so delightfully when you run.

4:02 I want coffee but don't want to get up from my chair.

4:03 Crowd shot of Aussie fans. That guy is wearing a hat of yellow and green hair. Yeah.

4:07 Why do Culina's shoes look more yellow than everyone else's?

4:09 Damn, Germany's goalie threw that ball back with feeling. What is his name?

4:11 The crowd/field noise sounds like buzzing bees.

4:11 Last five minutes. Commentator says "it's not over yet." Yeah, ok.

4:13: Come on, Australia. At least score one goal. Pa: They're trying, ok! I don't see you playing!

4:14: Do I want to get up at 7 AM to watch Netherlands v. Denmark? We'll see.

4:15 Damn, Australia. You suck. I have family there. They must be so sad.

4:16 Oh, an additional 3 minutes. Cool.

4:17 Wilkshire has some raccoon eyes. 

4:18 Cacau just got a card for falling theatrically. I didn't even know that was an option.

4:19 Germany wins! That was good.
[on the draw between USA and England]
That guy from Sportscenter*: If I wanted to watch someone not scoring, I would have watched the video of my senior prom.

*whose name I didn't catch because I wasn't wearing my glasses

All smuckered out

Strawberry picking and wine tasting in Delaplane, Virginia with three of the best gals ever.
Next stop: peach picking!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Stephanie: It's probably about time I make a tumblr called "macaron fuck yeah."

me: heck yes, do ittttt.

Stephanie: The cupcake is dead to me.

What I learned this week

+ Never stop for McDonald's in Bridgeville, Delaware. You will spend fifteen minutes trying to get back onto Seashore highway.
+ It is not pleasant to wake up to itchy mosquito bites on your feet at four in the morning.
+ “Par for the course” is not the same as par-cooking.
+  I will probably never watch The One or Avatar.
+ Sofia is a vegetarian. I really didn't know that.
+ What a juggalo is. I could have gone my entire life without knowing such a term. Thanks (I guess), Bates.
+ Body + Soul magazine considers caramelized onions as the bacon of the vegetarian world. Ok. 

Beach towns sure do love their pizza parlors, liquor stores, and Candy Kitchens

+ Hey, remember that time we got lost in the Twilight Zone that is Bridgeville? All for some McDonald's fries, man.
+ Waking up to an overcast/slightly rainy day and still being excited about going to the beach. Rain ain't gonna break-a my stride.
+ “Rehoboth is kind of sleepy. Let's go to Ocean City. It's only fifty miles.”
+ Tools. Douchebags. Jersey Shore-wannabe teenyboppers. Gross.
+ Spending a day with my sister. “Hey Pa, I love you, you know.” “I knowwwwww.”  

Overturn Prop 8: David and Glenn

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Steph: So I tried playing the lottery today but the big machine looked so difficult so I just bought my crackers and left.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Flashing. Lights.

This ad gave me a nice chuckle.

I'd love to see this

Surfwise, a film about Dorian Paskowitz and his wife Juliette who drove their kids around in a camper and made them surf all day.

Watch the webisode “No Shoes.” “There were times where for sure we could not have dressed everybody all at once together at once but there were times where like one guy could have a bitchin' outfit.”