Wednesday, June 23, 2010


+ I discovered that watching the World Cup is conducive to a longer elliptical session. Score!! (just like Uruguay against Mexico ZINGGGGG!!)
+ I was not screenprinting productive at all unless you count checking to see which of my screens were clean.
+ Bought a box of rigatoni for tomorrow night's dinner.
+ Ate an entire (well, most of a) canister of onion blossom Pringles for dinner. Shame and self-loathing.
+ Stole, uh, liberated a bicycle that had been sitting around for a few months. We saved it from going to rust heaven, ok?!
+ “Hey, wanna go to Chincoteague?” “Yes, but I have to be back before Friday.” “Ok.” So that is where I'll be. Justin, :( Rehoboth trip soon, yeah? Don't date crazy Asians. Just sayin'.

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