Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My toast speaks with a French accent this morning.

French toast with sliced strawberries tossed with raw sugar and topped with Greek yogurt, lemon zest, and fresh mint. That mint/lemon/Greek yogurt combination is pure money. I'll drizzle some honey next time.

*haughty laugh

side note,

a. It actually is raining.
b. I can't stop listening to Mayer Hawthorne. That boy good.
c. Remind me to teach you the accompanying dance. Don't do it in the car during your morning commute unless you want people to stare, think you have odd emphatic road rage, or think you're singing itsy bitsy spider to yourself. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Justin: A bro asked me to spot him at the gym today. Part of me was like, woohoo, masculinity verified. The other part of me was like, I am going to either kill or seriously maim this poor bro.

It happens to be true, I only want to be with you

and, if you <3 the 80s, here is some Samantha Fox action.

for Russian Rachel

happy birthday, bubbeleh.

For the record, it's Rodney the Ram.

me: hey, what's VCU's mascot?
Justin: I don't know, a can of PBR?

Wednesday evening

sounds like: the sizzle of smashed garlic hitting hot olive oil, Dandy Livingstone, window fans, Ruby & The Romantics, et Les Surfs. This girl, this girl right here, she makes some mighty fine mixes.

tastes like: slow-roasted tomatoes, bread with butter, super hot green tea, and whole wheat/three cheese tortellini that I tossed with fresh oregano, lemon zest, and shaved parm. I could go for a coffee.

feels like: an oh-so painful blister on the bottom of my right foot (dancing/running/cowboy boot problems), laundry fresh from the dryer on my lap as I type this, and my best friend ever — procrastination.

smells like: fresh laundry and green leaves.

photo via William Vale, via Pink Robot Boogaloo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blue Heron Expeditions

Check out this logo I made for Liz's friends who are opening their own kayaking business! How exciting! (the business, not the logo. I'm not THAT conceited.) They are currently in the process of getting their website up and running, will update you when that happens.

and that is the story of how we saw Mayer Hawthorne twice in one week

The day after we saw Mayer Hawthorne at 9:30 Club:
steph: he's doing Charlottesville on Monday night. I'm THIS close to rearranging my schedule.
me: girl. what time.

disco brunches and drag queens

The day after this year's Madonnarama: Eric lives directly across the National Cathedral and, while I normally find the soft peal of church bells to be joyful, church bells at seven AM (when you've just gone to bed at five) is not pleasant knock knockin' on heaven's door.

We dragged ourselves out of bed sometime in the afternoon and had disco brunch at Level One. I had brunch with drag queens on Easter Sunday. It was decadently delicious. There were truffled fries, bottomless mimosas (also known as a giggling Eric), and crab cake Benedict with creamy grits. Justin had the blueberry ricotta pancakes. The food totally made up for the hour-long wait. Word to the wise: make a reservation because brunch is no joke in DC.

After brunch, we stopped by the national botanical garden to see their annual orchid show. Good thing too, otherwise I would have fallen asleep in a post-brunch food coma. 

My phone died at this point but not before I was able to take a few photos of the cupcakes at Baked & Wired. It's such a super cute bakery, with glass bell jars and honey bears for your tea. We tried the flapjack cupcake (maple brown butter cupcake with caramel buttercream and candied bacon on top. YEP.) and the cherry blossom cupcake (vanilla cake with maraschino cherries mixed in the batter and topped with a cherry-flavored buttercream. It was very pink). I might offer to redesign their website at some point. A cute place like that needs a not-so-generic website. 

All you people queuing up for Georgetown Cupcake: you need to walk away from those overrated cupcakes and walk down the street to Baked & Wired.

Side note, blogger has redone their layout and posting interface. I am all kinds of confused.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When you're dancing next to me, oh have mercy, darlin' - I'm beggin' you, please.

So super stoked to see Mayer Hawthorne with Stephanie tonight!
With his cute suits. You go, Mayer. You go!
(side note, this video is like an ad for Urban Outfitters.)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Note to self: in case of zombie apocalypse, don't run to Stephanie's house

me: so the Teej is all obsessed with zombies, right, and Fábio is as well, and, in their everlasting bromance for each other, they both wrote out their zombie apocalypse plans and how they're going to get to each other when the virus hits. Did either one of them stop to pick me up? No. So I'm going to write my own about food and how I'll probably die since I don't know shit about what to do during the zombie apocalypse.

Stephanie: oh i'm just going to run brains first into a zombie's mouth. Get it over with.

brown butt buddies

via Rachel Draws (ok, via my phone but you know what I mean)

vina delivers: that dead bird post

[via text]
me: just saw a dead baby bird, thought of you hahaha
Ahna: Awwww vinaaaa <333333 you know just how to sweet talk a lady
me: thought about picking it up and everything
Ahna: Girl, I woulda given you a ring on the spot. Let you pick the honeymoon and everything.
me: I'm so going to blog this.
me: oh girl.
Ahna: You know you've made it in life when you get on a vina blog.

in case you were wondering what this is all about

Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away

they give us those nice bright colors,
they give us the greens of summers,
makes you think all the world's a sunny day

Thursday, April 5, 2012


[one track mind]
Olivier: Eily! Come here, Eily!
me: Your dog's name is Aioli?!

a not so humble brag about my day

- Registered for an individualized session of senior book thesis, aka my final undergrad class.
- Dance party at the SoA Olympics. It wasn't a dance party when I got there but it was a dance party when I left.
- Registered for the 5k Rebel Race. Heaven help us all.
- Got a gig to design a grammar textbook. Eeeee, I get to design a textbook that actual linguistics students will be using! I'm going to post about linguistics and linguine some day.
- Chased (more like chased by) a Great Dane in a sunny field.
- Am currently designing a logo for a grassroots sea kayaking business!
- Am currently designing a logo for Arlington campus's rain barrel project!
[on Wet Hot American Summer]
Stephanie: You taste like a burger, I don't like you anymore.
me: I thought two things right there:
A. I want to say that to someone. B. I like burgers so I will never say that.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012