Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm a lot calmer than I was twenty minutes ago

Sudden burst of people who want to come to Iron Chef. Everyone is bringing someone (or two someones!). It's okay. We have at least six dishes.
Please bring munchies or drinks to nosh on while I cook.

"Everything's great if extra friends is what you have to worry about."
I heart Stephanie T.

"Girl, I can make a dinner party for 20 people with a chicken and a carrot. We'll be fine."

[via gtalk]
me: oh okay
ok imma go shower
i had some ramen
and alcohol
i'm calmer now.
Sohe: LOL
Sohe's new status message - ALCOHOL MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER 2:58 PM

For tomorrow's Iron Chef BBQ Challenge I'm making

Ginger & pineapple iced tea
Tomato & basil bruschetta with fresh mozzarella.
Grilled chicken fajitas w/red cabbage slaw and black bean/mango salsa
Grilled nectarines with wildflower honey and lavender blossoms

UPDATE (I said that Unsolved Mysteries style)
Rosemary ginger tea or rosemary lemonade with pineapple
Grilled corn and tomato bruschetta with basil

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So many choices!

A. Why am I awake at eight on a sunday after going to bed at three?
B. Why did I wake up with "Bad Moon Rising" running through my head?
C. Do I want to bike to the farmers market?
D. Should I stay here and upload photos from thursday and last night?

or E. Do I want to crawl back to bed and sleep until noon?
Yeah, a little bit.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is how Stephanie T. is going to fall in love

Well, he IS next in line.

[via aim]
Me: ahahhahahahha christie's aim status is "Does this mean that Justin Timberlake is now the king of pop?!?!"
Lisa: He's the king of my life.

Am I a bitch for not really caring about Michael Jackson? Sorryyy. I like the old school tracks before his wrong turn towards Crazytown. Doesn't mean I'm about to post some "MJ you will be missed" bullshit as my fb status.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ocean of Lust

TB Partayyyyyyyy

I got a summer position as a kindergarten teacher's assistant in Arlington! Weeeee!

Drawback? TB shots.

Stephanie: If it bubbles up, you're toast. If not, partyyy.

I'm AB positive.

Email sent to Iron Shannon: hi hi hi. just wondering the gameplan for thursday. can i park at your school? what's the address? what are you wearing? should i bring snacks? what's your blood type?

Excerpts of her response:

This is a link to the campus map - http://www.landon.net/page.cfm?p=11
The best place to park is right in front of the farm house, so when you drive onto campus follow the white stone road (I know totally wizard of oz like) and park right at that first parking area on your left behind the security house. Don't let the campus scare you - its very rushmore like.

Snacks are always great. I will need to get lunch though when we leave here. And blood type is O negative, which happens to be the universal blood type - this is why red cross is always trying to get me to donate, but you have to wait a year after a tattoo to donate. Lame. To learn more go here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type#Universal_donors_and_universal_recipients

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh, that Green Hoodie Guy

Last week..
[via mobile]
Nick: So I have good news and bad news, Alina.
Pa: Okay, tell me the bad news first.
Nick: The bad news is I have to work and I can't come over; I'm sorry.
Pa: Awwww. That's okay. I'll see you later. What's the good news?
Nick: The good news is that today I was kissed by a man.

Monday, June 22, 2009


If you're in NYC on the 25th..

I'm sorry I cut off your leg.

I didn't see you at first. I felt terrible once I did. You were just lying there, helplessly breathing and bleeding. I ran inside, got some water to wash off the blood and said a quick apologetic prayer. You lay there. I continued with my task. I came back to look for you. You were gone. For a year, I would see you hobble about in the garden. You were such a trooper. I saw your skeleton on a rock when the snows of winter melted.

Months later I still think of you when I mow the lawn.

I'm so sorry, my sweet garden toad.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In a not-so-small nutshell..

Someone once said to me "you don't have to write about everything." And it's true; I don't have to write about everything that happens. Believe me, I don't. I do, however, sift through the folderol that is my life and try to share with you, my dear reader, the things that stand out in my mind. The few that actually read this blog were probably at the events that I write about so it is for them, as well as me, that I pen, erm, type what I type.

Anyways, starting from the most recent, on with the show. Included song lyrics are from whichever song I had on repeat at the time of writing. Flickr sets are linked in the titles.

Careful, folks. This one's a doozy.

"You're a star in nobody's eyes but mine"
Andy, You're A Star | The Killers

17 June 2009 | Pa: It's my 18th birthday, muthapucka! | Leesylvania Park

My sister's 18th birthday. Damn, they grow fast. Two days before her birthday, I decided that I wanted to throw her a picnic at Leesylvania State Park. She told her friends, I told mine (the ones that I knew would be available on a Wednesday afternoon anyway). The forecast for that day was rain, rain, and more rain. No worries, there are multiple pavilions. Planning a last-minute picnic also allowed for some champion list writing. Guest list, shopping list, things to do, things to bring, and menu/who's bringing what. Halfway through everything I realized that I am incredibly spoiled by the awesome AVT potluckers. Do you realize how difficult it is throwing a picnic potluck when 90% of the guests are teenagers?

Pa: Can you bring something?
Pa's friend(s): Sure, what?
Pa: I don't know...munchies?

Cut to us having four or five bags of chips. It's okay though. We love chips.

We arrived fashionably late¹ around three. The grill was lit and the food set out. La made TWO delicious chocolate tortes. Bates forgot the whipped cream, whoops. I tried my hand at strawberry salsa and cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips. Keith "I can't squirt that far" really should not be allowed to handle lighter fluid. Nick, or Green Hoodie Guy as he was known to my friends, is hilarious and always dancing. Ditto for Angela. Lorraine looked like she was constantly on the phone but alas, she was just holding down her hair. It was damn windy. I felt a little like Michael Jackson in the Bad video. Rough winds² prevented any birthday candles from being lit. Allyce is oh-so-stylish. High tide cockblocked me from gathering driftwood. I accidentally yelled out "ZZ Top!!" when a bearded park ranger rolled by. Little Sylar was sporting his rain gear. TJ and I went on a competitive kissing spree. He chose to kiss strangers, I didn't. We went home, ate the rest of the food and watched old Nick at Nite shows. I still have plenty of chips if anyone is interested.

¹ Pa was ready to stab the Teej. "I can't be late to my own birthday!" Mapquest is a joke.
do shake the darling buds of May

"If you came back as the deep sea, I would come back as the salt"
It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful | Slow Club

14 June 2009 | That Day We Did Nothing | Warrenton

I went to their town. They showed me about. All the antique stores were closed. We explored the Old Faquier County Jail. The kitchen had the original floorboards. I learned about those at the Octagon House with Stephanie T. that one time. The shackles were padded. The stairs were steep. I wondered why the creepy inmate figures were dressed in three-piece pinstriped suits. Apparently the riffraff of the time made it a point to be dapper. Inside the jail was also a room dedicated to the birthplace of Virginian Wineries. I love history.

We sat on the steps of the courthouse for a good three hours. I am almost positive that it was mainly because we couldn't think of anything else to do. After finally getting up and obtaining sustenance we then sat in a field for another two hours. Despite a skirt and long grass I had ZERO bug bites, which is something that still amazes me.

We did not see schizo guy. I chitchatted on the phone with Bernie. He enjoys long bouts of Call of Duty. I diced bell pepper and seasoned some chicken. The J cooked. Katie becomes distraught if you stop petting her. I did not leave my water in Warrenton this time. I repeat, I did NOT forget my water.

Oh wait. Okay..I did but I remembered it a minute later. It doesn't count.

If you'd like an actual play-by-play, go here.

"And you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness/Well jump on, enjoy, and gorge away"
This Modern Love | Bloc Party

13 June 2009 | My sister graduated from high school! | Fairfax

Oh le snap, Pa graduated. The ceremony was held at the Patriot Center and lasted only a couple of hours. There was another ceremony scheduled that afternoon. Hell, I wish mine was that short. I think mine was three to four hours long. It's all them damn speeches, man. Valedictorians waxing nostalgic and quoting Elle Woods. Meh. Who the hell quotes Legally Blonde during a valedictorian speech? *sigh teenagers.

[From our bird's eye view]
Dad: Do you have tissues?
Me: Why? You need some? I'll ask Mom.
Dad: Oh. No. Just in case I get a nosebleed from being this high up.

There was a party at Lorraine's house afterward with enough food for a small army. Abuelita made empanadas.There were two giant-ass sheet cakes for less than twenty people. "The ratio of people to cake is too big" but vice versa. Mom made eggrolls and vegetarian dumplings for Steph and my honorary baby sister Lorraine the Pain. I made hummus. Lorraine's dad had some military-grade mosquito repellent. I need to get me some o' that.

Dad: would you like some wine?
Bates: No, I better not. I'm driving later.
Dad: That's why you should have some now.

Congratulations, Class of 09. OH-Nine!!!

When asked if she wanted to input anything for this portion of the post, Pa said: "It was awesome. Sat next to Miranda and Jara. Behind Jeremy."

"This groove is out of fashion/These beats are 20 years old"
Strange Overtones | David Byrne & Brian Eno

12 June 2009 | First GMU Printmakers Guild Meeting | Centreville

Bunch of printmakers at Pat's house. We determined how to raise money, how to get out there to the community and what we want to achieve. It was really just an excuse to see everyone again. I've missed the hijinks with that lot. Pat fixed my bell and other bicycle maintenance. Thaaaanks, Pat.

Bates and I went to visit Arien. I read parts of my favorite blogger's book A Homemade Life. God, it made me so happy. The photo above is of an absolutely adorable older gentleman that we saw at Five Guys. Can't you just picture him riding a bike with a wagon full of kittens trailing behind?

We then went to visit the RJ. He gave Bates, a complete stranger, some shirts that he couldn't fit anymore. I pretended not to notice the social awkwardness, especially with the shirt that said "Things to do: your mom. your sister."

Wow. Really?

"Ten days of perfect tunes/The colors red and blue"
Heartbeats | José González

9 June 2009 | Red Zebras and Chichen Itza Cupcakes | Fair Oaks

Apple red and Jamaican Sea blue to be precise. Undeterred by heavy thunderstorms, Steph and I managed to paint her dresser as well as my thrift store bicycle. Said she was tired of the shitty chic look and wanted something new. She helped me achieve my dream of painting red zebra stripes on a vintage bicycle. I've only recently acquired a basket and helmet (Thanks, Auntie Khom) and I plan to paint them white. The helmet will have the zebra's eyes. Yes!

In between layers and rain showers we watched tv and baked cupcakes. Our new frosting recipe consists of buttercream, "mexicocoa" spices, and roasted pine nuts. It may need some tweaking but I am excited for our next go around.

Well, he said, you're alright, boy. You don't have to pay no toll."
Rock Island Line | Johnny Cash

6 June 2009 | Steph & Oura's Baby Shower | Arlington

Steph and Oura are one of my favorite couples ever. If you never saw it, here are photos from their wedding. I am oh-so-excited for their baby who is actually due..this week? Eeep! The current favorite name amongst the Sananikone clan is Max, or Maximus as Oura prefers. For now though, his name is Sparky.

Steph's parents threw them a lovely baby shower at her home in Arlington. La brought some Chateau Gateau cupcakes, yum. There was a small mountain of presents. Oura says he's planning to keep all three diaper genies. I'm not sure how they managed to lug everything back to Richmond. Stephanie, Farrell, and I had a hell of a time not ripping into the stroller box.

"Steph! It stores parents!" and "Why would your baby be 35 pounds and still need a stroller?"

I had forgotten my camera which explains the lack of photos for the usual baby shower events- opening presents and noshing. We were eventually reunited and yes, it felt so good.

"People want to smoke it, toke it, burn it, light it, fight it, maybe even try to put one in the sky/but don't nobody want it, don't nobody want it, don't nobody want it in their eyes"
Pot Luck| The Gray Kid

31 May 2009 | Floating Lab Collective at the Handmade Mart | Silver Spring

Money cleansing, for free, by the Eff-Ell-See. There were a few mishaps in the morning. For starters, they kept moving us. First we were on the right side of the street. Then the left side but on the other end of the queue. We had no electricity until right before the Handmade Mart opened. DD actually considered packing up and leaving, poor guy.

Eventually things were resolved and we were able to spend the day cleansing money like we meant it. Deborah sewed currencies together all day. Dean talked to people. I washed. Iron ironed. Sue took down names and talked to people. Plenty of people approached us and asked if we were laundering money. No, it's cleansing money! For the economy! Oh, this is an all-natural hand soap. No, there isn't a special soap for cleansing money. We're establishing connections and questioning the value of the money. Is it the same after we cleanse it? Technically it's still the same but now is it more valuable because we've had this conversation?

Highlights of the day:
- An older gentleman comes up to Iron Shannon. She tells him what's up. "Haha, so you're washing the crack off the money?" "Haha, sure!" He then says, in a fond "remember the good ol'days" tone, something about when it was just cocaine and not crack on the money and walks away.
- Deborah and I walked the two or three blocks from the metro parking deck to the Handmade Mart. She was already in her Floating Lab red jumpsuit. I was wearing a black hoodie and black shorts. We were carrying a bucket with sponges and soap. We looked like some kind of Super Mario Brothers cleaning crew.
- Fun live music that had Deborah and I running to the stage. We were the only ones dancing.
- I got hollered at in my jumpsuit, dah hah. "Look at you, looking all sweet and sassy in your jumpsuit!"

for photos of the current FLC project, The Screamer, go here.

"It's no big deal/It's not worth losing sleep/You over-analyze the simplest things"
I Couldn't Love You Anymore | Cursive

30 May 2009 | Summer Salads and Lemon Cheesecake | NW DC

For you, my dear Arien, here is my go-to recipe for hummus for any "I need an appetizer, stat" situation.

-1 or 2 cans of chickpeas, depending on how many people you want to feed. 1 can will feed up to six.
- olive oil, at least 1/3 of a cup. This amount varies depending on the consistency you want.
- juice from half to a whole lemon. This depends on personal taste.
- 1 Tbsp. tahini
- fresh garlic, one to three cloves. I really would use fresh and not jarred.
- kosher salt, to taste
- fresh chopped cilantro. For some reason some people hate on cilantro so I suppose you can leave this out.
- Spices: paprika. cayenne. cumin. coriander. oregano.
- Extras: olives and roasted red bell peppers. I like using a mix of Mediterranean olives. The bell peppers tint the hummus into a slight red.
- cucumber. English seedless cucumbers are preferable.
- Naan, Afghan bread or Pita

1. In a food processor, finely mince the garlic.
2. Rinse and drain the chickpeas. Add to food processor with some olive oil, tahini, lemono juice and the cilantro. Blend with more olive oil until desired consistency. Season to taste with everything else.
3. Serve with cucumber slices and the Naan. I personally like toasting the Afghan bread.

"Ive got time on my hands that I can't wash off"
Periodically Double or Triple | Yo La Tengo

29 May 2009 | Gradations Opening at "." | Fairfax

"Gradations" grad show. Live music from The Seakers featuring our own Deborah Lash. Waiting rooms! Meaghan's soft sculpture and prints! Free food! I am the master of mocktails. Remember that time I accidentally ate a blueberry that had fallen on the floor? They all screamed "NOOO!!" at me when I did.

After the show, a few of us went to Auld Shebeen where we spoke of grumpy hot chefs and keeping it real with grandmothers. We came THIS close to getting pancakes but went to see Angels and Demons instead. Ran into Naked John at the theater and saw a glimpse of Ian right as he was leaving. "Is that Ian?!?"

Angels and Demons was okay. I fell asleep for a bit.
A. I had read the book and knew what was coming.
B. How many times can you watch a bunch of screaming & tortured cardinals?
C. It was two in the morning at that point and someone was rubbing my arm. I dare you not to fall asleep in the same scenario.
"Take me above your light/Carry me through the night/Hold me secure in flight/Sing me to sleep tonight"
Hello Seattle | Owl City

23 May 2009 | Dancing at Danzón | Adams Morgan

The printmaking crew hosted a series of workshops and demonstrations at Danzón Art Gallery in Adams Morgan. We got there, put up all the prints and ten minutes later set out on a quest for food. We went to Julia's and bought at least fifteen empanadas. Good eats. There was surprisingly a steady amount of walk-in traffic and much printmaking fun was had.

Later that evening, after the dancing and shoe-printing, a few of us went to grab a bite to eat. After traipsing up and down Colombia Road we settled on some Amsterdam fries and falafels. All of us got the special which came with a "regular" amount of fries. Regular as in "holy shit, that's a lot of fries". We later gave them to some strangers. That is how we pay it foward, sonnnnn.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey, remember that time you grabbed my boob?

Post-shower and clad in tank top & boxer shorts, I came to the living room to find Pa checking her effbee for photo comments and birthday wishes. She turns around, looks at me, cups my chest and then says ".......you're not wearing a bra. Yeah, I didn't know that."

....um, what?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well, there goes my morning.

0200: I fall asleep to the soulful stylings of one Billie Holiday.

0540: (The sound of canine feet clip-clopping on my floors)
Lucky: Herro? Mommy? M-Mommy are you awake? I have to go to the bathroom, will you take me outside? Also, can I have some brefass?

0550: Back in bed.

0614: (ring ring)(ring ring)(ring ring)
Me: ...'lo?
Mom: Morning!
Mom: Vin, it's raining really hard, can you get up and close all the storm windows?
Me: okay.
Mom: Also, you should take Pa to school. It's raining very hard.
Me: .....okay.
Mom: okay!
Me: (end call)

0616: (ring ring)
Me: *sigh...hello?
Mom: I wasn't done talking!
Me: okay.
Mom: You need to text Nou about the brunch because I don't know if we're going. You and Pa can go if you want¹.
Me: okay.
Mom: Okay, bye! Have a good day, love you!
Me: love you. (end call)

Pa: (comes into my room) ...Vina?
Me: *sigh
Pa: Can you take me to school?
Me: okay, whatever.
Pa: okay, I'll come wake you up at seven.
Me: Uhhuh.

As if I could go back to sleep after that. Well, maybe after I finish my oatmeal. Get a few more hours of shut-eye, go the gym, buy some red spray paint, and head to Steph's for some good ol'fashioned bicycle/dresser painting fun.

Aaaaannnnd, I wish this oatmeal were Apples & Cinnamon instead of Cinnamon and Spice and that Lucky wasn't such a fussbudget during thunderstorms.

¹ Mom, what the hell? The brunch isn't until August.

Finally, as a parting gift,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am going to catch up on the blogging that needs to be blogged. Hopefully.

In the meantime,

because I'd love to nap under tall trees with some (rosemary and minted) lemonade.