Friday, June 4, 2010


Stephanie:  I can't wait till I have my apt under control!! I really want to have my balcony decked out, no pun intended.

First thing that made me laugh today:

I don't have as much going on these days but weekends still excite me.
Looking forward to:
+ Cake time with Stephanie T. 
+ Mulberry-picking and frozen yogurt with Liz and Justin (though I haven't yet told him).
+ Turning over soil for a new planting area. The ground will be extra soft after so many thunderstorms!
+ Mi madre's birthday and spending time with the family.
+ Picnic times with the Cheese, the Fashionista, the Sweet eyes, and my Falafel-in-crime.
+ Meeting our new ladybugs that Justin named all Harry or Sally.

Side note, I like roadtrip videos. Wish I were seeing them this weekend.

photo from The Roof Garden

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