Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy birthday, Mommy

Yesterday was Mom's birthday and we went from “Let's have a picnic at Mount Vernon” to “Let's go to the Arboretum and gallivant in DC” to “Gettysburg/PA? They have ghosts!” to “St. Michaels/MD? Antiques!” before deciding on Colonial Beach. Yes, this is how my family rolls. 

a. We like to eat. 
b. We like day trips and scenic drives. Doubly so if we are near water.
c. We generally agree on the same music. Today was a Paul Simon/oldies sing-along and by “sing-along,” I mean me singing (loudly and out of key) and dancing/air-drumming with a folded fan, Dad singing, Mom humming/rolling her eyes and Pa singing/DJing on my iPod/laughing at my superb car dancing skillz.
d. We have no qualms about stopping on the side of the road to take photos of lone birds on piers. “An eagle! Take a photo, vin! Take a photo!!!”

Dad: Have you seen my iPod?
Pa: Were you playing it on the dock earlier?
Dad: ...of the Bay?
Pa: You know, I try to help you out.

Dad: I want to listen to old Stereophonics.
me/Pa: You know the Stereophonics?!
Dad: ...damn. Ok fine, The Beatles.
Pa: (plays Stereophonics's cover of “Don't Let Me Down”)
Dad: I love this song!

[after we ordered fried oysters, calamari, stuffed mushrooms, fries, oysters rockefeller, and steamed seafood for the table]
Ken the waiter: I like you guys. You guys eat like I eat, a little of everything.

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