Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I want accomplished sooner rather than later

+ Oil change.
+ Clean the interior of my car. Vacuum out all the sand.
+ Rid my closet of old and seasonal clothes. Did I really need six different red sweaters (yes.).
+ Bicycle maintenance. Return Liz's bicycle pump.
+ Clean refrigerator.
+ Make mix cd for Lindsay H.
+ Decide what to make with the cherries I'm going to pick on Saturday.
+ Laundry. Fold whites. Wash colors.
+ Try that tomato/ricotta pasta recipe.
+ Blog the recipes of my latest food triumphs (and the “grillin' in the rain” fiasco).
+ Delete old emails.
+ Weed the gardens, home and SoA Green.
+ Take photos of SoA Green's newly-planted sunflowers.
+ Finalize web/print flyers for FLC.
+ Put fresh flowers in as many rooms in the house as I can manage.
+ Upload and edit photos from Pa's birthday.
+ Watch Invictus and Youth in Revolt. Maybe I can do that while I clean my closet! Oooh, multitasking. 
+ Sleep before one AM, lately a rare occurrence.

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