Friday, June 29, 2012

printing decisions

I'm currently researching printing options. Holler if you have ideas. 

pros: I can specify paper and linen type. 
cons: expensive AND they charge you money to remove their logo from their book. rude.

pros: cheaper, more than half the amount that Blurb charges. I can print more books. Slightly bigger book size.
cons: I can't specify linen color. Paper is standard. 


  1. i would recommend blurb very highly. the printing was professional, the binding was perfect, the paper was lovely, and it arrived on time.

    i've never used lulu so i can't speak to the quality. but i wouldn't try to cut corners on your senior book. if you want to print multiple copies after your precious one to hand in, maybe then print from lulu.

    1. I agree, Rach. I think I'm going to do one from Blurb and two from Lulu. And, if it's not too complicated, I'm going to set it up on Amazon so people can print on demand if they want it.