Friday, February 26, 2010

the winter list

things I like about winter: 
+ ice cream cones don't melt when you eat them outside.
+ that allover warm rush you get when you come inside from playing in the snow and drink something hot.
+ going to bed in long johns and three blankets.
+ scarves, hats,  and wool socks. 
+ not feeling guilty about lounging around and eating during blizzard times.
+ not feeling that bad about not leaving your house because, well, you can't.
+ soups, hot chocolate, and hot tea. all the time. 
+ you never run out of people to talk to because everyone is on gchat and aim. 
+ dressing your snowman like Charlie Chaplin. 
+ boredom winter naps. 
+ snow.

things i do not like about winter
+ coming inside and peeling the jeans off of your frozen legs.
+ ugly grimy snow mountains that take up half of the parking lots.
+ going outside in the snow, coming inside to wash your hands and having your fingers burn from the heat. 
+ shoveling your driveway and having it snow again the next morning. 
+ cabin fever.
+ that "oh, damn" moment when you realize that snow/slush/rain has seeped through your shoes and your socks are now wet. 
+ the entire hour after the "oh, damn" moment during which all you can think about is your wet socks. 
+ having to clear the snow from your car so your windshield doesn't crack. sorry, meekus. 
+ high electricity bills. 
+ snow.

photo: liz's dad courtesy of liz. 

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