Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the beginning of wednesday

sounds like: I've listened to Ki:Theory's Stand By Me on repeat for over an hour now (play count: 29). I'll listen to this song if I ever walk down mean city streets in the rain and dressed all in black like I'm John Constantine. You should listen to it too. Pretty please. 

tastes like: Coffee at the Fair and coconut milk yogurt at the traffic lights during my morning commute. I sampled the new (and secret!) Filipino entrée at Restaurant Eve

feels like: New projects on the horizon: I was asked to shoot Baker Nathan & Chef Margaret's wedding next May (squeeeeee), preliminary photo meetings about the April wedding in Jamaica and ten shades of excitement from just the conceptualization of my personal logo, website, and redesign of my book. So much to do, so little time. Did I mention that I used a new fabric softener on my bedsheets and my bed has reached a new level of “I never want to leave”-dom?  It's the little things in life, man. 

smells like: Jasmine perfume. I give no fucks this time. Ok, that's a total lie but whatevs.

Illustration via Infinite Positivity

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