Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday morning

sounds like: Hearing it through the grapevine with the Kaiser Chiefs and rockin' The Feeling with The Knocks (nonstop dance party ftw on Monday). You See Me, babe?

tastes like: Toothpaste. I just brushed my teeth. I wish I had time to bake a mess of biscuits.

feels like: So much to do before this weekend's Mid-Atlantic Food Writer's Symposium. It would figure that I have double managers' meetings today too. Ah well, looks like I'm going in early and leaving late. Life is pretty sweet otherwise. No complaints, other than bedroom being messy - but let's be honest, I complain about that any chance I get. That's what happens when you constantly have projects on your brain (and on your desk).

smells like: Lemon perfume. Feeling fresh.

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