Friday, July 4, 2014

friday evening: today we celebrate our independence day

sounds like: one of the best: Dolly Parton's Jolene. Fall(ing) In Love with Phantogram. I don't want to fight it - The Feeling with The Knocks. Having Good Day(s) with Nappy Roots. Hearing it through the Kaiser Chiefs' Grapevine. Going to be the type of hope it never ends - BST FRNDS with Spirit Animal. 

tastes like: Great burger at Amphora Diner with Peter Lee. The fries were on point, as were the kid's meal pancakes we ordered when we saw them on a neighboring table. Hand-shaken iced coffee at Coffe Amouri. Peter Lee cracks me up. Remind me to tell you about his trip back from Denver. Even better, he should create a blog and tell you himself. I didn't grow up with brothers and, aside from my older male cousins, Peter Lee would be the closest I've come to having a brother. 

feels like: a. ohhhhhh, suddenly it all makes sense. Ah well, c'est la vie. b. This is fun and I'm going to see where it goes. c. I think I'm going to make mixtapes for people. d. It's the Fourth of July and fireworks are going off outside my window and I didn't do anything patriotic save for wearing red, white, and blue. Truth of the matter is, today was a chill Friday and I don't have enough of those. 

smells like: Summer peach lotion. I'm trying to live, breathe, and feel that summer peach scent. Summer is here. 

Photo via 6senseshawty

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