Tuesday, September 16, 2014

and if there's anything good about me - I'm the only one who knows

I seem to have caught some kind of bug—perhaps developed a ragweed allergy, summer to fall season change malady, who knows—I've been sleeping on and off all day and, save for water I drink when I take cold meds, I haven't had anything to eat or drink today. I know I say this all the time (at least whenever I get sick which, thankfully, is rare) but I am all kinds of whiny and pathetic when I'm sick, like why isn't someone at my bedside mopping my brow with a cool washcloth? Who do I have to sweet eye to bring me soup and Florence Nightingale me into health? Come on, I make good pancakes. 

This was my day: ughhhhhhhhhh, ok ok ok work times, what should I wear today? Should I go to work? I feel absolutely weary. Maybe I'll stay home. If I stay home then I can take it easy. Ok, I'll let them know I'm not going in. Maybe I should do laundry and clean. Sleep for three hours. Oh, goody, 15 text messages. Sleep for an hour. Oh, Todd Thrasher calling me now. Hiiii, Todd! No, I'm not at the Fair, I'm sick today. What? You need a cocktail sign for that benefit at Volt? I gotchu! Design sign, sleep for next three hours. Oh, Castle's playing, I've never seen Castle, maybe I'll watch Castle. Fall asleep during Castle. You had dinner with Lynne, Justin? I miss Lynne! No, I haven't eaten anything all day. Ugh, because I don't feel like it. Let me hop on a computer, I haven't really checked the things all day. Jack White singing in a French château? Done. 

On the upside, the "sick times" tag on Lemonade Lists can be quite hilarious after the fact. I should retitle it, “the ramblings of a madwoman on cold meds she probably doesn't need to be taking.”

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