Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello, New York. I have come here to eat.

Poussin, sweet corn, fattoush without the pita (Shaun had eaten it all before Auntie Ouma could make the salad), this green sauce of fresh herbs, lemon juice, and anchovies, and this lovely effervescent wine that they brought back from Spain. 

This was the dinner of my first, and hopefully many, weekend eating trips. I'd like to go on eating trips with all of you. We can do the sightseeing thing, the relaxing vacation thing, the explore the area thing, hobknob with the locals thing, shop 'til we drop thing, all of that. It'll be fun, I will photograph, and get a chance to exercise those writing muscles. Hooray!

I hailed a New York cab by myself for the first time tonight. It was thrilling in the “vina, you have been in plenty of cabs, this is not new, oh hush I am alone and carrying luggage, and Penn Station is loud and boisterous, and all of this is exciting” way. I am now going to shower and go to bed, for tomorrow I will be lunching at Eataly. I do, however, have the afternoon and evening free and, though some of that time is earmarked for writing the book, I would love to hang out with the New York folk. Holler at your girl. 

Side note, I have decided to go to Spain next year. To eat.

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