Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Shmandy

Hmm, I hear there was a hurricane? We didn't get hit much here, thank goodness. The only thing that happened was a sporadic (be honest, who quoted Clueless right there?) flickering of the lights. New York and New Jersey seems to have taken the brunt of it - much love and thoughts to them with their flooded streets and Day After Tomorrow events. I've spent the past two days in my pajamas - eating, working from home, and airing my winter scarves. While I'm dealing with a mild case of cabin fever, I'd much rather be at home than powerless, internetless, or even knee deep in cold water. 

Yesterday I made hurricane French toast with my abundance of milk, eggs, and bread. Today I am wrapping up the final content, copy & photos, for Society Fair's eShop which will hopefully go live tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, it will be Halloween and I will be sitting in my usual corner dressed as a panda. I'm fairly excited about this. A little (understatement) hurricane isn't going to stop me from my Halloween fun. Shoot. 

Stay dry, kiddos. Drive safe. Tip your waiters. 

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