Tuesday, December 4, 2012

random peach cravings

I got a random peach craving the other day. This wasn't your usual, “a peach right about now would be nice” kind of craving. It was more like a “Sweet Baby Jesus, I could go for a really ripe yellow peach now,” kind of craving, the kind that makes me miss summer (though you would never know it was winter with this crazy 70 degrees in December nonsense) when I have a peach or two every day. Damn, that is the life. Did I ever tell you that I had an entire chapter in my book about peaches? Debbie from Society Fair told me about some brunch in New York that serves pancakes, fresh peaches, and pâté. What the hell. Where is that and why haven't we gone? 

Anyway. Yes, peaches, I love them. That is all. 

illustration by claudia pearson

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