Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Afternoon

tastes like: Coffee with toasted apple scrapple bread, crabcake and avocado, and probably duck egg at Virtue, unless Chef makes that lamb again, then game over, I'm getting lamb. Not to mention I had my first professional Twitter altercation with a lady who was very adamant that we served her pork and not lamb. I actually told her that we were not trying to pull the wool over her eyes. Hah! I make myself laugh. So yeah, I could go for some lamb.  

feels like: I'm not going anywhere if it starts to snow again. If it does not snow, then I am going to the gym, Society Fair, Restaurant Eve, and Virtue Feed & Grain. Side note, glitter nail polish is an absolute bitch to take off, as in I have to place nail polish remover-soaked cotton rounds on my nails for a few  minutes, else face the dreaded cotton ball hairs. *chuckle. Cotton ball hairs. 

smells like: toast and snow. 

photo via RVA News

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