Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome, mundane Saturday.

All I want to do is (besides get a little closer): 
  • Organize my closet. Too. Many. Shoes. 
  • Catch up on magazines that I haven't read since, oh, last November. They're mostly food magazines too, so you know I'm going to want to braise something and eat food that's no longer in season. 
  • Clear the desktops of my laptop and iMac. Too. Many. Icons. 
  • You know, cook something. I kind of want to bake cookies, but that would require going out. I don't really have any desire on going out. I barely want to be dressed. 
  • Blog a little. Hey, I'm blogging now! Well alriiiiiight. 
  • Catch up on TEDtalks, Bones, maybe a little Nerdist up in there. 
  • Upload photos to my Flickr. I haven't in months. 
  • Laundry. 
  • Plan, design, and create my website. Yeah, right. Keep on truckin'. 
Work makes work, people. See you at my next internet break. 

Photo via lustik

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