Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday evening

sounds like: Lost in Frank's Ocean. Ghosts with Eddie Murphy. Elvis Presley, don't

tastes like: Curd Nerd made me pimento & turkey sandwich on baguette before I left the Fair. I then forgot to eat for about nine hours. That spicy Thai coconut soup was the best thing in my life for about twenty minutes, like “where am I, this tastes so good” status. 

feels like: I'd like to go to sleep but am waiting for details and information for a very last minute project. Maybe I'll go to bed now and wake up early for it. I don't see them emailing me before midnight. Speaking of projects, I have way too many on my mind and not enough hours in the day to accomplish them. Side note, I enjoy misspelling hours to horus. Fast typing taking me to Egyptian falcon sky gods, baller. 

smells like: Bourbon, vanilla, and apples. Begrudgingly the beginnings of autumn. 

photo via A Note On Design

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