Friday, September 27, 2013

A St. Louis wedding preview and rationalizing an obscene amount of driving to South Carolina.

So very honored to photograph these two moments after they were declared man & wife. It was a beautiful day. Photos soon. I keep promising blog deluges and delivering slow trickles. You know the deal, life gets in the way. Side note, I'm debating if I want to drive close to sixteen hours (or more) to attend Monica and Russell (affectionally known as Mussell)'s South Carolina wedding. 

a. Oh, the food. Whole roast pig, fried chicken, shrimp & grits, mac and cheese - be still my heart. There will probably be bourbon. Bourbon is my jam. 

b. All the shots I missed in St. Louis - ring, shoes, dinner - those could happen in SC. 

c. Put on a pretty dress and photograph some more. Come on, I'm all about that life. 

d. Charleston is but a short drive away. I. adore. Charleston. I could drive down Saturday morning, attend the wedding, spend Saturday night & Sunday afternoon in Charleston (hello, Hominy Grill and Husk), and drive home Sunday evening or Monday morning. It could be done. It would be a bitch, but the juice would be worth the squeeze. I love the south. I love road trips. I'm leaning 70/30 at this point. 

e: This ties into b., but my wedding gift to Mussell is a book of the photos I took/take at their wedding(s). It's ok, I can tell you, neither one of them reads Lemonade Lists. The book would probably be more special if I included photos from each wedding celebration. Ugh, 80/20. 

d. I happen to be turning the dirty thirty the week prior. Happy potential birthday road trip to me!

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