Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a beatbox imaginary in the show, all your shell-toes lined up in a row


1 AM thoughts: 
  • This song is damn catchy. 
  • Do I want to eat the leftover Crawfish Monica? Mmmmayyybe. 
  • Extra Strength Bengay is no joke. I think my skin is melting. Now I know what it must feel like to drink from the wrong chalice.  
  • Today was a good social media for the restaurants. I love it when my phone blows up from all the retweets and tags. The multimedia maven is happy. Tomorrow is a busy day. No, this week is a busy week. Hell, this year is a busy year. Thank goodness for weekend naps. What time do I have to be at the Fair on Friday? Six AM? Ah shiiiiiiii
  • I'm so excited for Chef Ryan's baby gift to get here. Please, please, please let it arrive soon. (Tell me you picked up what I just put down.)
  • Midnight blue might be my favorite color. It only took thirty years to figure that out. 
  • Fuckit, I'm going to eat the Crawfish Monica. 
G'night, all. 

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