Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They called me Mr. Glass. They call me Ms. Social Media.

[no one calls me that]

Sohe: I'm the bizarro vina.
me: ...what?
Sohe: I have almost no social media now so I'm the bizarro you bc you have 23874320943 accounts to manage.
me: ohhh, you're the anti-me, like I'm David Dunn and you're Elijah Price.
Sohe: Who?!
me: Unbreakable. Ok then, so I'm Superman and you're Lex Luthor.
Sohe: Wait, why am I the bad one?

Twitters: 12
Instagrams: 7
Facebooks: 9
Tumblrs: 25+

Update: Chef has just been nominated for a James Beard award (Awwyess, that's my chef!) and, since I set up his Twitter account, my phone has been going mad with notifications.

Jennie: Should I text him? Do you think he knows?
me: Trust me, he knows. My phone has been blowing up, so that means his phone has been blowing up.

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