Tuesday, August 12, 2014

monday evening, technically tuesday morning

sounds like: having No Rest for the Wicked with Lykke Li, bang bang - being shot down by Nico Vega, Witchy Woman, and finding the modern Wolf with Sylvan Esso. After a few months' hiatus, I've jumpstarted via vina again. I've missed it and have fallen out of habit of remembering my dreams. 

tastes like: Fried green tomatoes straight from the garden. The tomatoes, not the frying, though game over if someone invents a fried tomato plant. Do you remember the hot dog tree in Big Top Pee-Wee? Shoot, that just might be my favorite part of that movie, second to when Winnie threw the egg salad sandwiches into the creek when she caught Pee Wee macking on Gina. Figures my favorite scenes would involve food. 

feels like: I need to move (oh, that might be a thing, hopefully no more of this hour commute nonsense - we'll see what happens), I need to start a website (remember when I was talking about that last year? Me too.), and I just need to get shit done. 

smells like: summer rain. 

photo via somewhere in the tumblrsphere. I want a flatfile in my studio!

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