Sunday, August 10, 2014

restaurant life, two years in

I recently passed the two year mark of being with Eat Good Food Group. It's been a crazy couple of years, let me tell you. On second thought, let me not tell you. We've gone through the making of Chef's cookbook, to losing a restaurant and what about that time I carried a salmon around the streets of Alexandria for a photo shoot? It's been a total blast, even when the chefs are angry, and I've said the same phrase for three hours - Good evening! Tonight you're having a sashimi of tuna with a soy-yuzu vinaigrette and pickled daikon! - and my phone is a veritable motherboard, constantly lighting up with tweets and notifications. 

Things I've said repeatedly: Can I borrow you for a photograph? Can you make me that cocktail? Chef, where do the quince come from? What's in that dish? Is that from Path Valley Farms? How do you spell that farmer's name? What do you want on the flyer - when do you need that flyer? Did you change your password? DID YOU GOOGLE IT? Oh man, that one.

Big thanks to my restaurant family, past and present, I love and appreciate you all. Thanks for tolerating me and allowing me to show the world your work. 

Here's to a few more years at EGFG, before I take over the world, Pinky. 

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