Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Columbus Day

You boys don't like olives? Shoot. More for me. 
Roasted elephant garlic, bruschetta, pizza margherita, and lamb panino
Water. I like water. 
"Sit on this bench because I need to take a vain vina photo. DO IT."
The weather was exceptionally pretty that day so Justin and I went gallivanting in Old Town Alexandria. We stopped by Book Bank where I convinced him to purchase a three volume set about the history of the Dutch Republic (total evil laugh) so I can scan the amazing 1916 typography and illustrations. Eric met up with us and we continued along King Street, eventually having lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso and spending an hour in a paper store (so many cute letterpress cards!). Justin and I tried to find Mount Vernon in the dark (also known as "what's the point?") and went to Georgetown for more books, trying to find Domo things for Newdorf's birthday, and light painting in the slightly creepy park. I came home to a surprise pre-birthday red velvet cake from my sister and her friends. It was a most enjoyable day. 

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