Monday, November 19, 2012


One of  my favorite parts of Old Town - the cobblestone stretch of Prince Street on the walk from Society Fair to Virtue. 
Baker Nathan making cinnamon marshmallows. 

I mean, why wouldn't I photograph a random Stormtrooper at a tattoo convention? Come on. 

Killer album cover from when I was digging through the vinyl with Stephanie at Plan 9 in RVA. I love seeing the pure joy on her face as she flips through jazz standard 45s. I also keep buying records when I go with her, and have a nice little collection of Hank Williams and Nat King Cole records. I don't own a record player. 

The butterscotch pudding at Society Fair. Took me two hours to eat this jar of pudding. It was that sweet. Crazy delicious, but too much sugar for me to handle on an empty stomach. I was ready to fight crime after each bite. 

That's a damn sexy line. 
Baby on a beetle. Duh.