Monday, April 1, 2013

Just barely Monday morning

sounds like: Imelda May, Tom Morello & Ben Harper, and DeVotchKa (Enemy Guns is one of my favorite driving songs.). Peep the previous post with B.B. King. The man knows his way around a guitar. 

tastes like: Orange juice with pulp. Orange juice without pulp = why bother? 

feels like: Victory since I did laundry and cleaned my car. I've probably mentioned this at some point, but I love cleaning my car. There are cleaning wipes, protecting wipes, and a brush to clean in between the buttons on my dashboard. Mama don't mess around when it comes to cleaning, but don't ask me about the hellhole that is my bedroom closet. Items I found in the trunk of my car: four umbrellas, a Christmas gift for my Richmond cousins (I obviously see them often), a pie dish, a plank of wood that I was going to use for a woodcut print, and my room card from Le Meridien. I secretly thought that Justin lost my key. Now I feel bad. 

smells like: the cocoa butter lotion that makes me smell like hot chocolate. 

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