Sunday, April 28, 2013

the wee hours of Sunday morning

sounds like: beta lovin' Ra Ra Riot (I'm listening to the the RAC remix, but the original has a totally tubular 80s dance party video), having happy feet with The Gray Kid (Coop and the rest of the Spirit Animal boys will be at DC9 on Tuesday!), poppin' some tags with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (apparently I live under a rock because I had never heard of this song before today), and hanging loose with the Alabama Shakes

tastes like: a big-ass cream puff from Mom's Apple Pie Bakery. You start to ponder life, the universe, and everything the second you can't finish a cream puff because it has too much whipped cream. Too much whipped cream, what a wussy thing to say. Next thing you know I'll be eating half of a banana and saving the rest for later. Man the eff up, vina.

feels like: My sleep schedule is all topsy turvy. I do not like it. I took a nap at 10 PM on a Wednesday. 10 PM vina thought she was just going to “rest her eyes” for twenty minutes. 1 AM vina scoffed at such a silly notion, and then watched Elementary until three in the morning. On that note, A. Sexy deductive reasoning, B. Jonny Lee Miller's proper accent. Ampersand, not a dash. C. Lucy Liu, I love Lucy Liu! and  D. I can't look at Aidan Quinn without thinking of Practical Magic.

smells like: fresh rosemary on my bedside table.

Photo taken last month at Steph's house, the day we listened to Nikki's podcast.

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  1. I think: You're one of the coolest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know.

    I Feel: Like I need a piece of mom's apple pie and share in some of Vina's adventures.

    I Know: You were made to write for good food.