Friday, April 30, 2010

Good morning, good morning!

Yesterday did not begin well. Twenty minutes behind schedule and with one foot already out the door, I realized that my ear buds were not in my satchel. I didn't need to have them. I could have come home and gotten them before going to the gym.

But, oh no, I had to spend a good five minutes searching. Had they fallen under the passenger seat of my car? Were they in my gym bag? I checked that bitch twice. Bonus, I tend to curse, stub my toe, and make a mess of things whenever I hit frenzy search mode.

Yeah, and I couldn't find them. Grabbing the backup pair (not the same!), I started for the door. Whoa whoa whoa, what is that? A glaring empty space where my keys should be hanging. Fuck!

Run around the house. Top of my dresser? On my desk? When did I have them last — oh shit, did Pa accidentally take them with her to William & Mary?! Motherfu— oh, here they are.


Life has been hectic lately — long nights in the studio, minimal sleep during the week (though nowhere as much as some people I know *cough Liz & Richard), procrastination, projects and deadlines galore. Today, in the interest of taking a breather and enjoying my morning (seriously, my favorite part of the day), I had a nice little alfresco breakfast. Soft-boiled egg (I like my yolks squidgy!), whole grain toast with blackberry jam, coffee and the Bourdain-edited The Best of Travel Writing 2008.

So nice.

I'm 89% sure that I just wanted an excuse to show you what I had for breakfast and to link some happy morning-themed videos. Long story short, here's wishing you a pleasant morning.

Finally, this video.

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