Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cin(em)a Cucina tv bumper

Oh, look! I just made a tv bumper!

A. I'm getting better at After Effects, hayyy.
B. I still need to figure out that camera and z-axis mumbo jumbo.
C. Thank you to Justin, Newdorf, and Marzia for all your help!
D. Ten hours later, movie is uploaded, and I've JUST realized that it was supposed to be cinema cucina (from the previous project) and not cina cucina. So instead of film and movies, I have made a bumper for a Chinese kitchen. This is my life.

Justin: Well at least you didn't put, like
me: the other thing? yeah..
Justin: Cinema china cochina or something. I would die. Literally. Dead.

screen capture before I replaced the Illustrator file for a text layer directly in After Effects.
See, I had it right at some point!

*Update: I decided to fix the problem. Might as well do it right.

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