Sunday, January 13, 2013

vinstagram - holy fuck, hotdogs.

The Walking Dead is not something you want to be reading first thing in the morning.

That morning I had a hotdog for breakfast. Side note, going to a Costco on a Saturday should be known as "just shoot me now.”

I have such high hopes for Megan Day. Lovely evening playing catchup with Shirey, Newdorf, and Day.

That time sqrlz drew a Pacific Rim robot and I had to watch the trailer to see wtf he meant.
Hah, I've just noticed that the dohickey in the middle looks like a Blair Witch hoodoo doll. 

Gave Society Fair Justin free rein on my sandwiches. He made me a grilled cheese with bufala de quatro, prosciutto, and jalapeños. 

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