Wednesday, November 27, 2013

vina kent

1. I took my glasses off for a short while today. All of the baristas walked by me twice before exclaiming, “oh! vina! It's you! I didn't recognize you!” I mean, I don't think I look THAT different without my glasses, but apparently I am quite the Superman. 

2. I found out that people constantly ask, “So who IS that Asian girl with glasses?” Hah! I'm the one that lured you into the Fair with my photos of sweet treats and overly punny captions, that's who I am. 

Side note, aside from a short stint of watching Lois & Clark in the mid-90s (Oh, Teri Hatcher), I never really got into the whole Superman thing. I did like Christopher Reeve's Superman II, mainly because of General Zod's deep-v bodysuit and when Superman put out the fire by blowing on it. Gotta love those 80s movie effects. I'm mentioning my Superman ignorance because I definitely didn't recognize most of the actors tagged as Superman on Tumblr during the search for a Clark Kent photo. The was a recent Superman movie, si? I didn't see it. Smallville? Never watched. Was that it? Superman and Spider-Man. Not my thing. Was it the Spider-Man comic in the Saturday funnies that was always whining in the rain and Mary-what's-her-name never knew it was him? 

Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Tales from The Crypt, now that's another story. 

Did I have a point to this tirade? There definitely comes a point in the day when my posts are less eloquent and more stream of consciousness-straight to typing. Goodnight, all. 

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