Tuesday, November 19, 2013

vinstagram: fire trucks, slaughterama, and dundee.

I had a stomach virus for a few days. Congee helped. Congee and Netflix. Y'all know I love my Statham movies. 

Fire truck at Station #201 on Prince Street. I must say, I miss walking down to that place we shall not name. Some of my favorite things in Old Town are along that stretch of Prince Street that I no longer traverse. 

A portion of the charcoal/ink drawing I did a while back based on a Michael Otley photograph of RVA's Slaughterama. Took me about three weeks to complete. You're looking at roughly three or four feet of the ten foot drawing. My fingers were stained with charcoal for weeks. 

Bottom Dollar Dog, a great local hot dog stand mere blocks from Society Fair, closed their doors not too long ago. Their building is being razed for townhouses. Sad. Their french toast and Cheerwine floats were bangin'. Here's hoping they find a new space soon. This was the morning I bought breakfast from Bottom Dollar for all the chefs. Cheeseburger for breakfast, like a (glutton) boss. 

Haha...that's not a knife. THAT'S a knife.
(Please say you got that. Please.)

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