Thursday, January 9, 2014

late Wednesday evening, technically early Thursday morning

sounds like: Going on Space Oddities with Kristen Wiig and David Bowie, being a Victim of Love with Charles Bradley, forgetting the time with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, fantasies with Ludacris, and knowing better and learning faster with Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. 

tastes like: Vanilla and almond in my coffee. I didn't even mind the surprise almond flavor, I was just grateful for the warmth of the coffee mug. Old Bay seasoning in my Chesapeake sauce at the chipper. Mulled wine. I am all about the mulled wine during the winter months. Of course, I would much rather be about the iced tea and cold lemonade of the summer months. Roasted, almost burnt, garlicky Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are my jam. (ten second pause while I contemplate going out into the polar vortex, 'round midnight no less, so that I can buy Brussels for lunch. Nah, boo. You don't like the cold, remember?)

feels like: In about fifteen minutes, I am going to climb into bed and read the Cooks & Chefs #2 issue of Lucky Peach. It's amazing what eight hours of sleep will do for one's disposition. Remind me, if I ever have my own design/lifestyle/food empire, to feature a quarterly. I should just design a quarterly for the hell of it. I'll commission all my awesome & talented friends for content. Pay them in food and smiles. At least until the empire gets going. 

smells like: paperwhite flowers = my favorite part of winter. 

Photo of the apathetic thermostat polar bear at Society Fair. That rhymes.

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