Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Legit email exchange between Dad the the aunts

Aunt #1: Try this combination of salad, which is what I'm having now for lunch: arugula, sliced or halved marinated kumquats, (marinate them in a bit of EVOO for couple hours), sprinkles of blue cheese + a bit of olive oil and lemon juice. Very refreshing.

Aunt #2: What's EVOO?

me: Extra virgin olive oil.

Aunt #3: C'est quoi, EVOO?

Aunt #1: vina vient de dire: extra virgin olive oil

Dad: Extra virgin olive oil! Don't you watch cooking shows?!

Aunt #1: Only Rachel Ray calls it EVOO. The others, Bobby Flay, the fat Italian guy, and the Barefoot Contessa, they talk normally and don't abbreviate.

Aunt #2: I don't watch cooking shows. I watch Breaking Bad - they cook meth.

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