Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, all-nighters.

04:25: Liz just left to switch cars. She may or may not be back.

04:28: Custodians walk by and peer in. Yes, someone is still here.

04:30: Aww, Angel is done. I love that Cordelia and Doyle. That ghost scared me. She killed her son, le gasp!

04:35: Why, yes, I will watch The Flying Scotsman while I scan my illustrations.

04:37: Roasted unsalted almonds are delicious!

04:39: Jonny Lee Miller is pretty! Is Hackers on Hulu?!

04:40: A movie about Scottish people might not have been the best choice. I'm trying to keep an ear open while I scan but am spending too much energy deciphering through the (sexy) accents. Ah, well. We've gone too far.

04:41: This better be my last all-nighter, seriously. I have to get this puppy printed before one thirty. Note to self: buy angel food cake, caramel, bananas and whipped cream. I hope Justin brings me some sea salt.

04:42: Hahah, that guy's small. He was Pippin. I didn't watch the second or third Lord of the Rings. Sorry, Steph.

04:45: I should probably get back to work.

04:47: Someone mentioned fish and chips. That sounds good.

04:48: I distinctly remember telling myself to go home around one AM. Yeah...


  1. Ok, I don't know how well I like being referred to as "Jew Fro."

  2. jew fro is just fun to say but for you i will change it to..justin.

  3. Aww. Thanks! You can still call me Jew Fro if you want to. Just not in front of other people.

  4. hahah, ok :)

    Man, the drive home was rough. I caught myself dozing out a few times and then "oh yeah, I'm driving."