Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Traveling via SMS with Steph and Amie

May 12 Greetings from Ohio! It's frightfully flat.

May 13
10:29 AM Greetings from Indiana! It's still frightfully flat.
2:30 PM Greetings from Illinois! Bird country huzzah.
5:46 PM Greetings from Iowa! So far it's just like all the other states starting with the letter "i"
10:11 PM Greetings from Minnesota! Dontcha know.

May 14 
11:22 AM Greetings from South Dakota! It's so Calamity Jane out here.
8:46 PM Greetings from Wyoming! Feels just like South Dakota.
10:02 PM Greetings from Montana! Gimme gimme gimme gimme MO gimme MO

May 15
3:40 PM Greetings from Idaho! No, u-da-ho.
4:49 PM Greetings from Washington! Or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks.
10:05 PM Greetings from Portland!  Weeeee! Seacrest out manggg

May 18
Steph: Guess what I ate today
me: doughnuts?
Steph: Macaroooooons- key lime and chocolate cinnamon. and then Earl Grey truffles!
me: Earl Grey truffles?!
Steph: Yeah! We have to go to this place. It's called The Pix. I had a goat cheese and onion tart. Also, I took a pic of a hipster on a bike for you hahahaha.

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