Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old bicycles, new gardens, and Boston Terriers

Killing time before meeting Danielle

Today, Justin and I met with Danielle of GMU’s Organic Garden. She took a look-see around SoA Green and gave us great input/ideas on what to do next. Like us, Danielle is a “learn as you grow” gardener so it looks like our gardening skillz will be growing (pun!) together though she’s more advanced than we are at this stage. We were able to see her amazing garden (the one we tried to find last month but ended up getting lost and then eating away our sorrows at Southside) and discuss potential joining of forces, grants, free mulch and horse manure, and possible gardening areas around the SoA. The powers-that-be of GMU have plans for the sculpture yard so we can’t plant there just yet. We will, however, soon start digging around the ramp/stair area on the east side of the building. If anyone likes tilling dirt and shoveling, please do not hesitate to come forward. No, really, I’m serious. Anyone? 

 How did we get to Danielle’s garden? We rode old bicycles, of course! Ben, and I don’t remember how exactly but it was totally legit, acquired a bunch of old bicycles from around DC. I think he’s planning some kind of bicycle co-op or rental situation. Bicycles make me happy. I rode the red bicycle in the foreground and was so happy to discover that I didn’t have to tilt the bicycle to get on. My own bicycle is built for a taller person but I love it so much that I refuse to get another.  No, I can not adjust the seat. People suggest this like the concept has never occurred to me. Do you know how to weld? Ok then. I also discovered that my orange paisley dress is not the best for a bike riding situation. Just sayin’.

Green Schwinn hotness!

On a final note, here is a wholly adorable video of some interspecies love.

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