Tuesday, December 31, 2013

oddFellows and non-resolutions

1. The adorable ice cream girl at OddFellows. She was patient with us. I liked her. 
2. Roasted apple and Tahitian Vanilla/Brown Butter. 
3. There were two girls in an SUV watching me when I walked out of OddFellows to take this photo from the street. Whatever, haters, I got my photo AND a self-portrait out of standing in the cold for a few minutes. 

I harbored the silly notion that I would post all of the photos I've wanted to upload for the past few months before the new year. Yeah, that's not going to happen. 

Christmas just flew by, didn't it? I never posted my family's holiday photos and this year's Christmas song playlist. Oh well, no one said Lemonade Lists was chronological. You'll still listen to Christmas music during the first week of January, oui? That being said, even though I dislike the connotation of short-lived New Year's resolutions, I've a few for the year to come. One of them, perhaps the main one, is to redo my book. I was only about 60%, maybe less, happy with the finished project. A good amount of the chapters were written hastily and I'd like to go back and tighten up the writing. I have also decided to break my book into a non-linear trilogy. Food, thoughts, photos. It's an exciting project and I hope very much that I accomplish it. Others include art collaborations with my friends, de-cluttering my closet (cough-my life-cough), and running again. I used to be active, now I just sit between bakery and butchery at Society Fair. It's a win/lose situation. 

Tomorrow, technically now, is New Year's Eve. I'm not going to get all mushy on you (maybe later) but 2013 was a damn good year. 

Here's to 2014. 

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