Friday, December 20, 2013

Serifs and dashes, but definitely not squirts.

This description, “To fully give the authentic feel of worn pages of dusty of books, Appareo has 5 character variations assigned through Contextual Alternatives using Opentype features. This allows no two same letters to ever be found near each other.” gave me design shivers. The banners and borders alone are going to halve my Society Fair design time. Bah-ring it. 

Shout out to the one who taught me that a squirt is an improper term of measurement for a dash. I dislike the word “squirt” as much as I dislike “squat.”

No. Squat is worse, but not as much as...(whisper) moist. Try describing cakes when you hate the word moist.

It ain't easy, folks.

Appareo/Tom Collins recipe via Swash and Fold

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