Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dirty martinis and communal face paint

Best photo of the night and I took it with my phone, awyeah.
Tom and Mary!
This is one of those photos where you detag yourself on facebook, womp womp.
Deborah still uses maps. That is gangster shit right there.

Walk The Moon and Fitz and the Tantrums at 9:30 Club: 
I wandered the streets of Northeast while Ginnie was at the soundcheck (Oh, you special ticketed people, you). I considered going to Nelly's but thought that going to a gay bar by myself at four in the afternoon would be a little sad. The gays would judge! Sat in the Howard University Starbucks and watched some of the Dandies and Quaintrelles folk biking around. I want to wear tweed and ride bicycles! I ate greek yogurt with honey and sipped coffee while my neighbor hummed along to Nsync as she studied behavioral psychology. 

We went to the backbar (I didn't even know that place existed) and watched the drunken bros drink beer. It was the coat check girl's first night on the job, she was oh-so careful about securing the poster in my coat sleeve. Ginnie finally got a proper dirty martini from the upstairs bar (A. dirty martinis smell of salad. B. downstairs bar gave her a bleu cheese stuffed olive, gross). I stood right in front, always nice for the vertically-challenged (we can't all be Thomas Rossmeissls and have the best view of the house wherever we stand). Noelle was as adorable as ever. Walk The Moon did not skip me this time when it came to face-painting time (ok ok ok, I may have turned my back to them at the Richmond show.). Mary and Tom, whom Ginnie met at soundcheck, have gone to some amazing shows this year (Head & the Heart, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down), I was so envious. JP apparently stood near us at the Richmond show. Small world times. The show was livelier than the Richmond show (sorry, Meeks) and there were copious amounts of dancing. I like dancing.

We met with the Warrenton gals at the end of the show (I don't even know where they stood during but, like the considerate asshole that I am, I sent them a photo of my close view of the stage). Deborah drove us back to Mount Pleasant and pointed out pizza places the entire way. We crashed at Christian's since G was tired and slightly tipsy and I am horribly incompetent at driving a manual transmission. Christian and I conversed after Ginnie fell asleep and it was only after he went to bed did I remember that I had on facepaint. Yes, let us have a deep conversation about relationships while I look like some crazed hippie hipster. 

Good times. 

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  1. Love this post! Thanks so much for finding us on Facebook! It was such a good night! So glad we got to share it with you and G and that you made it home! Mary