Saturday, November 19, 2011

"vina missed the bus" texts

[my NY Honors professor's reply to my 7 AM email of shame telling her I missed the bus]
Selena: No sweat. We will miss you. Have a savory breakfast instead!
(she knows me so well.)

Mariam: Does this mean you're coming to Thanksgiving Taboo?!?!

Bates: What are you going to do now?
me: Go to the gym and Thanksgiving potluck. 
Bates: So basically you still win. 
me: yeah man, I'm baller like that. 

Justin: First of all, after all the "ARE YOU GOING ON ARTSBUS IN NOVEMBER?? You'd better go! It's the last one we can all go on together. I don't want to be stuck with crazy people by myself!" And where are you? Not here. Which leaves me to deal with crazies. By myself. 
(two minutes later)
Justin: Bleh. I kinda don't want to go anymore.

me: I overslept and missed the Artsbus for the first time ever.
Boek: Haha! Welcome to my world!

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