Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Savory oatmeal and raspberry breakfast smoothie

I'm going to tell you about savory oatmeal. No lie, I've had it for breakfast for the better part of five months.  It's healthy, filling, and pretty damn tasty. It also takes less than five minutes to make, bonus! (especially when I have to get ready on hyper speed after morning gym times) Contrary to the previous and lazily-written recipes on Lemonade Lists, my recipe for savory oatmeal is specific. Hey, I have it for breakfast at least four days in a week. I hope you enjoy. Side note, the squeeze of lemon at the end is key. I can not stress this enough. 

- 1/4 cup raw oats
- 1 egg
- handful of raw kale
- 1 plum tomato or about five/six cherry or grape tomatoes, halved
- chopped scallions
- dried or fresh oregano (fresh is always best but sometimes I'm lazy or running late to walk outside in my pajamas for fresh herbs)
- wedge of lemon (or lime when you live in an Asian household and do not always have lemons but always always have limes)
- cayenne, cumin, paprika, cracked black pepper, and kosher salt

1. Cook oats in medium bowl in microwave.  I like making mine slightly softer/mushier for a more porridge-like texture.
2. Heat medium skillet over medium-high heat. Add the tomatoes, skin side down and sauté for a minute. Throw in the kale, sauté for a minute or so until mostly wilted.
3. Add kale, tomatoes, scallions, and spices to oatmeal and season to taste. Squeeze the lemon wedge over the oatmeal.
4. Wipe skillet clean and place back on heat. Cook egg sunny side up until whites are set. Put egg over oatmeal, sprinkle some kosher salt over yolk.

Note: I occasionally throw in various leftovers like roast pork, sausage, and other vegetables (zucchini and corn are good). Fresh oregano and thyme are my favorite. I think I once tried with sage and roast pumpkin.

Also, I totally chose that book because the purple matched the smoothie.

Raspberry breakfast smoothie
frozen raspberries
almond milk
coconut milk

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