Monday, November 7, 2011

Ghosts (but not really), peach beer, and drunken hillbillies


We finally used that Groupon for the Haunted Cottage in Harper's Ferry. We left around four and got stuck in Friday rush hour traffic. The sky was overcast and it would drizzle from time to time. Liz made pumpkin butter muffins (I was finding cupcake wrappers in my car for weeks) and I made croissant sandwiches with Pink Lady apples and extra sharp cheddar. We walked around historic Harper's Ferry and took scary night photos. A man with a dog appeared out of nowhere and we all screamed. We arrived to the cottage twenty minutes early and sat in the car eating chickpea salad and drinking delicious peach beer (truly the first beer that I've liked wholly). The Haunted Cottage turned out to be the cottage of suck. The tour guide was very earnest and tried to corral the rowdy and rude family (fake snoring, muttered comments, and obviously drunk). It didn't work so well. The cottage is over a hundred years old and is probably legitimately haunted. It would have been creepy if there weren't alien dolls, Bela Lugosi movie posters, and otherwise kitschy scarytime things. The tour guide's wife wore fake wings and very high gothic boots. It was quite the adventure.

More photos in the Autumn (or what it feels like to Fall) Flickr set

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