Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't furlough your brow, October's here.


sounds like: Lorde's Pure Heroine album. Danced all day to them jams. Waking up with Aloe Blacc. Cold War Kids, I've Seen Enough. Born Again Floozies rockin' that Street Music. Speaking of, how accessible are they? Can we invite them to play this song in my favorite Old Town tunnel? Cookin’ up some music video ideas with the ST. 

tastes like: Homemade maple bacon butter. Life is legit when a vegetarian makes you bacon butter AND pancakes with the leftover buttermilk. I ate sweet summer cherry tomatoes while I designed a poster about autumn. Baker Bri brought me a spoonful of brown butter buttercream. I'm trying to do unspeakable things with that buttercream, y'all. It's that decadent. 

feels like: Oh hey, I turn 30 in ten days. I don't feel older in the slightest. Jacket weather is imminent, I'm not feeling it. Our government just shut down. Sucks for my government job friends, but party hearty for my service industry peeps. Every day is now a weekend. Let's do this. 

smells like: Celery bitters, bourbon, and apple. The bitters all wear little hats

Photo of the little 90¢ incense cat that I bought at the thrift store a few months back. He makes me smile.

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